How to choose the perfect engagement ring – without your partner knowing!

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Selecting the right engagement ring can feel like a tricky business. Perhaps your partner is very specific when it comes to tastes or they don’t wear very much jewellery. But there are a few tricks to getting it right – here’s a quick guide on how to choose the perfect engagement ring, without your partner working out what you’re up to!

Get their measurements

You definitely don’t want to get down on one knee and present a ring that then won’t fit on their finger. That’s why it’s important you find a way to sneakily discover what ring is best in the run up to purchasing that all important engagement ring. Here are a few ways:

  • Take a costume jewellery ring they wear (one worn on the ring finger on the right hand is best) when going to look at rings.
  • Grab some blue tac and make an impression with one of their rings. You can then measure this.
  • Find a reason to try on their ring on your own finger, you can then have this measured to discover the ring size that matches.

Some people recommend tying a piece of string round their finger while they sleep… but let’s be realistic, unless you’re a ninja when it comes to stealth this isn’t going to work!

Take note of those hints

If your partner starts talking about how they would only wear a white gold wedding ring, then take note of that. People have their own preferences and tastes and it’s important you start paying attention to everything they say when it comes to jewellery.

Try to subtly comment on engagement rings you see on TV or in films, or if a friend or family member gets engaged, talking about these may encourage your partner to divulge exactly what they would like. Look out for anything wedding related they may have liked or commented on, on social media. This could also give you some clues.

Seek advice

Mums, sisters and best friends are all good starting points when it comes to advice about the right engagement ring. Ask them if your partner has mentioned what they like when it comes to style before and ensure you find a ring that matches. You could even take them along or show them the website you intend to buy from and ask for their opinion on your shortlist.

Don’t panic about how much you should spend

Many of those planning on popping the question think they need to spend huge amounts of money on an engagement ring – many think something like three months’ wages is the right price. But there are plenty of affordable engagement rings out there that will still last the test of time and that your partner will love. Plus, if they know you’ve put thought and care into it, they should love the ring you present them with unconditionally.

Heed this advice when choosing that engagement ring and you really can’t go wrong!

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