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Anniversaries are special as they are an indication of love’s ability to withstand the test of time. Through the good times and the bad, the love birds held on to each other. And another year has gone by. Note that anniversaries are not limited to married people, but they also extend to friendships and dating relationships. So you are also free to celebrate these occasions with those you hold dear, even though nuptials may not be in play. Today, we focus on anniversary gifts for parents as well as presents for both men and women. You are bound to find something that can work for that special person in your life. Here are some fantastic ideas.

For Your Parents

Whether you are gifting your parents, aunts, and uncles, or another elderly couple that touches your heart, these gifts will work wonders.

A Sheet Set

We all enjoy a good night’s sleep. That’s why people invest in the most luxurious beds, mattresses, and sheets. And as you get older, the need for a good nap increases. As such, your parents probably spend a lot of their time napping. Get them a sheet set with an incredible thread count, to have them feeling snuggled all night long. What a way to make their lives more comfortable! And while you are at it, think about getting them a sturdy mattress.

A Customised Frame

Before photo apps came into the picture, people reminisced special moments by going through photo albums. They had framed photographs adorning the walls and would stop, stare, touch, and sigh at the photos. It was a unique way of staying in touch with loved ones, but that seems to have taken a backseat to technology. However, your parents are probably still old school, and they would appreciate a framed photo of them. Maybe edit their wedding photo, frame it, and hand it to them during the anniversary dinner.

A Mobile Printer

Your parents want to know what is happening in your life, now more than ever, since you probably moved to another state. Thus, they will hint at the need for pictures or ask for them outright. But having the photos on their phones does not equate to having them in their albums. So getting them a mobile printer would be a welcome gift, given that they can print out the photos instantly. It borders on stalker-ish, but it’s their way of showing how much they love you.

For Him

Boyfriend, husband, brother, colleague, cousin, platonic friend, the list goes on. These are all people who could be celebrating an anniversary, and you want to give them what their heart desires.

A Cooler

As the summer heat catches up with him, he will need something to keep his drinks cool while he catches a game with his friends. And you can come through by getting him a sizeable cooler for this. The next time he has a barbecue, you will cross his mind, and he will realise how thoughtful you were in your selection.

A Phone Charging Bracelet

This bracelet will work as both a fashion piece and a life-saver when his battery is about to die. Given our high reliance on technology, he will profusely thank you for this convenient gift. And oh, he will seldom go off owing to the lack of a means to charge his phone.

For Her

People often state that shopping for women is hard. However, that could not be further from the truth, as long as you know what she needs.

A Pendant

This fashion statement is what she needs as she heads out for a night with the girls. She will look dazzling and will know that she has a caring friend/ partner in you. For a wife or girlfriend, customise the jewellery such that it speaks to your relationship.

A Plush Robe

When she’s done having a hot shower and wants to laze around the house, all she needs is a comfortable robe. And you can get this for her to make her pampering sessions all the more exciting.

An anniversary is a huge deal, so make sure that your gift shows that you think as much. Good luck!

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