A Guide to Buying the Perfect Luxury Watch

After being an avid watch-lover for years, you may have saved up enough money to finally splurge on a luxury watch. You’ve been waiting for this moment all your life, but when it comes time to make a choice, you may find yourself utterly confused. A luxury watch is one of the most significant investments you can make, so you should put a lot of time and effort into the buying process. The following questions should guide you in picking the right luxury watch that fits your needs and budget.

How much are you willing to spend?

Luxury watches usually start around a couple thousand dollars. But if you plan on buying a household name, you may end up paying upwards of tens of thousands of bucks. There’s really no ceiling when it comes to the prices of luxury watches. Some can even reach millions in value. These are custom made watches by some of the most respected names in the industry.

Popular brands command big price tags including Rolex, Patek-Philippe, and Omega. But you can look at less popular names that create watches that are just as beautiful, functional, and timeless. Parmigiani, for one, has recently emerged as one of the best luxury watchmakers. Their Kalpa collection, particularly the Qualite Fleurier, has taken the watch world by storm. Powered by the PF442 automatic movement, the Kalpa Qualite Fleurier has one of the most spectacular finishes you’ll ever see in a luxury watch.

The key is looking beyond the household brands and researching about other manufacturers. This opens up a world of opportunities, allowing you to find a timepiece that may not come from the most famous names but offers all the features you want. You might be surprised that your limited budget can go further than you’d imagined.

What movement to choose?

Movements refer to the inner workings of the timepiece. Why does this matter? It’s because the movement used in watches separate those that are worth buying and those that aren’t. On the cheaper side of the spectrum are quartz movements, which does the job fine but doesn’t come with that coveted luxurious feel. You’d want to go for higher-quality mechanical movements. Swiss-made movements are an excellent choice for their exemplary engineering.

Brand new vs. second-hand?

If you have a tight budget, you may consider buying a pre-owned watch. The obvious advantage is that you can get a higher value timepiece at a much lower price. This also allows you to get your hands on a vintage watch which may no longer be on the market. Just remember that buying a second-hand watch comes with risks. Make sure to do enough research so you wouldn’t end up buying a knockoff.

Smartwatch or not?

The technology that powers smartwatches make them an attractive option. Luxury watchmakers now offer smartwatches that offer the convenience of traditional smartwatches but with the aesthetics of timeless luxury watches. If you really want to go for a smartwatch, know that your options will be severely limited. What’s more, luxury smartwatches aren’t as technologically advanced as smartwatches made by phone manufacturers. You may find yourself sacrificing function for fashion.

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