7 Online shopping tips to get amazing deals!

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Times are tough for us all right now, and if you find yourself looking for ways to save money or just find yourself buying needles items online to help fill your shopping craving! You are not alone. While online shopping is convenient, it’s also a great way to save money and get discounts that you would not have received in store.

Here are 7 top tips to get the ultimate deals online:

Discount Codes

Adding a discount code is an excellent way of ensuring you are getting a good deal before hitting confirm check out. It’s as simple as searching for “Nike codes” or your favourite brand and seeing what comes up. Having a quick google search will help you find any active deals, or even let you know what shop if offering the best discount through price comparison sites.

Join Mailing lists

Most people see mailing lists as a way for a brand to spam your inbox to get you to notice them. But subscribing to a mailing list is a great way of getting exclusive discounts and also personalised offers for birthdays!

Ask the Bot

If a website has a live chatbot, see this as an opportunity to ask if they are running any discounts currently. If you end up speaking to online support, they are the best people and are ‘in the know’ on the perks and any site discounts.

The good days to shop!

Knowing when to shop can be as important as knowing where. Studies show that the best time to do online shopping for UK customers is Tuesday to Thursday. Online retailers roll out some of their best deals these days, so be sneaky and hold off till these days.

Free Shipping

Some online stores will offer free shipping if you buy items above a certain threshold e.g. free shipping orders over £75. If you realise that you are just a few quid away from free shipping, spending a little more on products might actually end up saving you money in total costs just. Also, ensure they also offer free returns and make up the threshold amount for free shipping.

Stack your codes strategically

Stacking your codes strategically If you have found a few different discount codes for a retailer is a great way to save money. Don’t be afraid to use more than one on the same purchase if applicable. In some cases, retailers will have restrictions on the number of discounts you can apply, but others, including Gap and Amazon, are less strict. You just need to enter the codes you’ve seen one at a time and see if they get accepted at the checkout. Remember to use your money-saving opportunities strategically though. If you have one code for 15% off your purchase and another for £15 off, use the 15% off first. That will apply the 15% discount to the full price of the product, earning you a much better discount.

Follow the socials

Be sure to follow your favourite brands on social Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social channels. Companies are increasingly creating social-only deals and releasing information about promotions on their social channels first. Be cautious though, as fraudsters often use social media to post offers designed to entice users into sharing details.

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