6 Personalised Gift Ideas For Your Friends

A picture of two girl friends making a surprise present

Your friends are one of the essential parts of your life as they’re with you when you needed help or just need someone to talk to. Apart from your family, your friends could also be your shoulder to cry on during your darkest days. With that, you need to show extra appreciation for them as they help you to keep sane. 

While you can always return your friends’ kind gestures, you can always go the extra mile by providing them gifts that you know they’ll surely appreciate. To make your friends feel more special, it’ll be fantastic if you could give them personalised presents as they can immediately see that you’ve put thought into it.

Moreover, listed below are the personalised gift ideas for your friends:

  1. Custom Clothing

If you and your friend have a specific graphic design in mind and you’re sure that you can’t find that look anywhere else as you’ve created the logo yourself, you might want to consider having custom clothing just for them.

When choosing personalised clothes, you can go from t-shirts, jackets, socks, hoodies, caps, and even dresses. With this, you can provide your friend clothing like no other and you can guarantee that they’d appreciate the gesture as you took the extra mile so they could have that piece of clothing they’ve always wanted.

  1. Friendship Bracelet

While it may sound childlike, there are modern friendship and personalised bracelets that you and your friend could wear to share. There are gold disc bracelets where your initials are subtle to every bead, and you can wear them for as long as you like.

You can look for various designs online where you can have your friendship bracelet customised. For a soft touch, it’ll be helpful if you could just include your initials, so it doesn’t need to put your full names on it. In this way, you remind yourself of the great friendship you both shared.

  1. Personalised Journal

For your friend who loves to write, you could give your friend a personalised journal about anything that they personally like.

You could include a great introduction about what your friend is about to write, or you could add their favourite quote on the cover of the journal. In this way, they can have their personalised journal that they can’t find elsewhere as you have it made just for them.

  1. Beach Towel

If your friend loves going to the beach, they’d highly appreciate if you could give them a personalised beach towel with their name or initials on it.

Depending on your friend’s preference, you can put their name or initials on the towel. However, if you’d like to pursue writing their full name, you can make it look great by putting it in a repeated pattern so that it’ll not look too obvious that their name is present on their beach towel.

When choosing the perfect beach towel, it’ll be helpful if you could go for the best quick-dry towel so, they could fully utilise it while they’re on the beach.

  1. Gift Box

If you just can’t find a single product to give to your friend as they deserve all of the best things, you could create a personalised gift box containing everything they’d like to have in a single container.

You can choose to decorate the gift box yourself by wrapping it with good wrapping paper and having their names written on the box’s cover. On the inside, you can fill it with goodies that you know they’d love. You can add a paper filler inside to fill up the gaps in between, making the whole gift box presentable.

Along with your mini gifts, you could add a note to each gift indicating why you included them and what it reminds you of them.

  1. Coaster

If your friend loves to drink coffee, tea, or any temperature-sensitive beverage, they might highly appreciate you giving them a coaster for their home needs.

While there are plenty of coasters you can easily purchase on the market, it’ll be highly appreciated if you could give them something more personalised as they know that you had them just for them and not just a coaster that you’d like to get rid of.

There are plenty of businesses online that offers customised coasters that can vary from different materials such as glass, wood, resin, and marble. In this way, you can have various options which you think would best fit your friend’s personality and interior design.


Giving your friends gifts will always be heartwarming, especially when you see the smile on their faces as you hand over your gift to them. It’ll even be better once they found out that you had the gift personalised just for them.

While it can be great to give your friends gifts, you shouldn’t forget to be a great friend and be there with them, especially when they needed you the most. Nothing would be greater than being a true friend who’ll stick up to them through thick or thin.

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