Zakiya Bishton

We speak to Zakiya Bishton, founder of Mindwalk Yoga, an East London based start-up social enterprise and virtual yoga studio specialising in yoga-therapy-for-anxiety, stress and trauma. Borne out of the current global pandemic, Mindwalk Yoga was initially conceived to provide free classes for NHS and care workers but has grown since then to help more people in the UK and around the world cope.  

What was the inspo behind the name?

Mindwalk Yoga is focused on yoga for mental wellness so we wanted the name to speak for itself, when you enter into a Mindwalk Yoga practice you are literally taking your mind for a walk!

How and why did you get into yoga-therapy-for-anxiety?

I became interested in yoga-therapy-for-anxiety because I’ve had debilitating levels of anxiety in the past and I used yoga as a way to manage my symptoms. The effectiveness of my practice led me to get formal training so I could specialise.

What is the ethos behind Mindwalk Yoga and how did it begin?

Mindwalk Yoga is a social enterprise on a mission to reach diverse people with yoga tailored to treat anxiety, stress, and trauma.  Our vision is that yoga tailored to treat common mental health conditions becomes as normal and accessible as going for a walk in the park and that all people get the opportunity to self-manage mental wellness with yoga.

A day in the life of Zakiya pre lockdown?

Pre-lockdown I was building Mindwalk Yoga alongside consulting as a creative content specialist for a non-for-profit. I was very busy building my social enterprise as a side hustle.

What’s next for Mindwalk Yoga?  

I am now fully focused on Mindwalk Yoga and our future in accessible yoga for mental wellness. We have just launched our first online, on-demand anxiety management product and we are already developing it for future releases. Our mission is to reach everyone experiencing anxiety with affordable yoga for self-management.

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