Rebecca Crawforth

StyleNest’s, Donna McCulloch chats to Rebecca Crawforth, Navy Pro founder of precision tools with style. 

As a mum like me, I find the juggle epic, do you have any tips to share on being a small business owner with children?

Plan plan plan, I find the only way I survive the day with all of my sanity in tact is by pre planning my day the night before, get clothes out and ready to wear, pack bags and lunches,  and know what’s for dinner so no last minute bad decisions happen. My family are kept happy as long as they are fed well and have good sleep so always ensure good time and bedtimes are stress free.

You became very ill in your 20s and took some time out, do you feel like this was an epiphany for you?

It was surprisingly what I needed, I had worked 60+ hour weeks  from being 15 and had never taken care of myself like I should of. I’d work whilst being sick, I missed meals, and I’d not sleep more than 5-6 hours, being ill was properly the only way my body thought I would stop. I gradually over time got more and more symptomatic and was later diagnosed with a rare brain condition with a side helping of autonomic dysfunction! Yes looking back becoming ill made me relook at life and realise I needed balance and to focus. Strangely was best thing that could of happened.

In terms of the tools themselves, I can confirm, having tried the tweezers that they are of the highest standard, and it could be argued that you have set a new standard, do you consider yourself to be a perfectionist?

Perfectionist arrrr that would be the dream…. having children reminds you that perfection in life is a dream and actually practicality is the ultimate desire. I simply wanted to create something which works and highlights the professionals capabilities. The professional beauty industry has always been undervalued with professionals relying on sub standard tooling and hygiene standards, the practicality was to simply make tools that serve their purpose and allow professionals to gain the best possible results. A true investment to the industry which I love. Of course they are also suitable for non professionals too.

You chose Sheffield  as your manufacturing base which is synonymous with high quality metal industry, as a Yorkshire lass was this a conscious decision?

Yes it certainly has been amazing to wave the Yorkshire flag, I love the city but Yorkshire is home and like a proper Yorkshire lass I can’t go far for too long without being home sick. I travelled the world to see what was to offer in terms of manufacturing but hand on heart Yorkshire was always number one. I work with incredible family ran companies each one have deep set morals and will not settle for nothing but the best. I feel blessed.

The gold colouring is beautiful and as a Stylist caught my eye  immediately, but it turns out it is both practical and stylish as it is the titanium…

Yes, not the cheapest of choices when designing but the titanium coating doesn’t allow bacteria to adhere and hygiene had to be at the forefront. We work closely with Dr Patricia Fenton MS BS { NHS Trust Director of Infection and Prevention Control 2002-2013} to ensure along side the coating we also could offer NEW hygiene steps that would take salons into the 21st century with infection control without the need of expensive equipment. The invest has been real but will hopefully be worth it.

Last but by no means least,  I see you are a fellow Gin lover…what’s your favourite?

Ha! I’m a lover of Brockmans with just ice but can be partial for a Gin and Dubonnet which is apparently the queens favourite tipple! It isn’t for the faint hearted but goes down well after a long week. My father in law makes a mean one!

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