Polly McMaster

Can you talk me through how the concept of your business came about?

When I started work in consulting and private equity I was shocked that the clothes for working women were so disappointing!  The suits were all manly and frumpy, and I felt that I couldn’t enjoy dressing for work or showing my personality.  Given that we work so much of the week, and that our confidence at work is so important – I wanted to create a brand that connected with professional women, and give them a modern, relevant wardrobe for work and beyond.

Describe The Fold  in 3 words?

Put-together, relevant, timeless

And who is the typical The Fold  customer?

The woman who does everything!  She is career-driven, multi-tasking, sociable, high-flying, and has probably also run a marathon before breakfast!

What does a typical day look like?

The thing I love about starting and running a business is that every day is different.  The best days are those when I’m with the team (particularly now, as I really make sure that I’m not taking for granted spending time together), and we are really challenging ourselves or solving problems.  We love thinking creatively about how to be relevant for our customers and her changing needs, and being a constant style inspiration for her.  When we get to spend time with our customers we are constantly in awe of the incredible group of women that they are!

Your customer service is what anyone who has purchased from you raves about, it seems like this is central to the brand. Was this a conscious decision?

Absolutely!  We really pride ourselves on being flexible, listening, making things better and easier, and also a beautiful experience.  We have elegant and plastic-free packaging, and really hope to exceed expectations when our customers place an order.  I think we recognise that we won’t always get it right, but we are always trying to learn, improve and delight!  The bottom line is that our customers are busy running their jobs, families, the world – so we need to make shopping with us easy and joyful.

What is your favourite piece from the collection?

Oh toooo many, but I am absolutely addicted to wearing silk blouses – which have become a real hit in our collection.  The quality is so beautiful, and we have a great variety of uplifting prints.  They are easy to wash and care for, and will last in my wardrobe season after season.  The essence of the collection are these pieces that are really special – like sumptuous silks – but you can still enjoy wearing every day.

And the best seller?

Our signature style are these incredibly flattering wrap waists and details.  For example our Arlington Dress or Belleville Top which come in woven fabrics as well as jersey.  You feel invincible as the silhouette feels feminine but powerful, and flatters your body in all the right places.

Ultimate style muse?

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy.

What plans for the future?

We’ve just conducted a survey about workwear post-COVID and have already received thousands of responses, so we look forward to sharing the results and spearheading what workwear means in the new normal!

Polly McMaster, CEO, Founder, The Fold

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