Mums that Slay

Yvadney, I am delighted to be interviewing you having known you off the gram for a while now.
You wear many hats; Stylist, Mum, Raver…talk us through.
What is “Mums that Slay” & how did the idea come about? 
Mums That Slay came about a few months after I had had my daughter. I had reached a stage in motherhood where I suddenly felt really invested in my well being, my dreams and goal and knew I wasn’t alone. I wanted to shake up the very limiting concept of what ‘modern motherhood’ was being described at and show that although we come in all different shapes, sizes, social demographics, races and style sensibilites we all slay. For any mum who couldn’t see her inner beauty or felt lost in how to pursue her career ambitions, I wanted to shed some light and create safe space for her to learn and express herself. In 4 years, the hashtag has been used over 40,000 times and it’s heartwarming to see women all around the world use this positive affirmation.
You are an amazing Stylist & I find your work endlessly inspiring, but who or what inspires you?
Thank you! I get inspired by life, by nature and the way the wind makes things move. I get inspired when I’m sat on the tube by the way someone pairs their chunky doctor martens with rude socks and a business suit. I love old movies purely for the costumes and exhibitions to see art in life size. Music videos are incredibly inspiring and so is Pinterest for pulling together mood boards constantly with imagery that sparks my imagination.
Describe a day in the life of Yvadney
The pandemic has thrown everything up in the air, so my days are filled with a lot of home school and play. Normally, I wake up early head to the gym and after the school run, meditate and pray before I sit down to reply to emails or build up mood boards for shoots. I often have days where I’m running from press appointment to press appointment, picking up samples and checking out showrooms, before I whizz home for the school run, dinner and bed for the kids. Once they’re down, it’s a little more work before I veg in front of the TV with a good documentary.
You’ve been very generous to me as a fellow Stylist, I feel like you “get” how isolating it can be as a fellow freelancer. What are your top 3 freelancing tips?
One, try not to compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone’s story and circumstances are different, so show your voice, believe in yourself and no that what is for you will come to you. two. Knowing who you are means you can network confidently. Keep in touch with people in your industry, whether it’s at events, a coffee or even a simple text. three. don’t wait until the end of the year to do your finances, do it regularly throughout the year. I’m terrible at leaving it till the end. It really doesn’t have to be that stressful.
What’s your ultimate style hack?
Statement earrings bring any outfit, no matter how simple or understated to life. I live for my collection of ear candy, that transform my looks instantly.
Red lippy or winged eyeliner?
Ohh that’s a tough one, but I’d have to say winged eyes. I do winged eyes without nothing else all the time, but could never go the other way around.
Who would you most like to Style?
It used to be prince #RIP, but now I would say Blue Ivy Carter. She seems like a formidable little girl and we’d have a lot of fun creating outfits together.
Best tune to dance to?
Gah, you’re talking to the Co-Founder of Mums That Rave, that is such a tough question. I have music on all day. While I will always tear up the dancefloor for some old school garage or jungle, I actually love “Jamaica Funk” by Tom Browne. It’s a classic 70s funk song and it makes me dance to every extremity, it has all the glamour, bass and makes me spin, clap, strut and shimmy – i love it!
If you had a superpower what would it be?
My super power would be the power to make people tell the truth, like Liar Liar. The world would be a better place if more people were honest.
Thank you, Yvadney 

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