Mira Sadi

Creative Director of Prism, Mira Sadi 5 minutes with;

Hi Mira, it is great to meet you, your collection and your personal philosophy really resonate with me.

So, first question…

Why should everyone own a Prism piece?

My pieces are statement pieces, that promote you expressing you and your individual style and you can wear it differently depending on who you are, you (Donna) would wear it differently to  me for example.  It is about the person reaching their full potential.

Your collection is timeless and ethical and doesn’t conform to any of the latest trends.

Exactly, my own personal style doesn’t conform to any of the latest trends and I didn’t train as a Fashion Designer, my background is very different.

Your pieces come in silver and gold but often set with precious stones, such as the most beautiful diamonds and rubies and yet remain affordable.

Yes, this is important to me that they stand out from a design point of view but are still affordable. My pieces are affordable fine jewellery, they are not the pieces you put in your safe and wonder how it can be worn, they can be dressed up or down and the metals can be mixed. It is breaking the stereotype of what is fine jewellery.

You are all about breaking down barriers/stereotypes…

Yes exactly, I don’t come from a fashion or a design background, this is more about expression, it is more trying to say something. We are all the children of Stardust.  I am holding a Charity event for Syrian Refugees as I believe we are all global citizens.

So we are living in interesting times politically, are you making a statement with your collection?

We all need to live in an interconnected way. I think of this (Prism)  as a bridge to becoming more powerful  as a person, to effect to,  to contribute more to society as a whole.

I couldn’t agree more, thank you so much for your time Mira.

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