Marie Guerlain

StyleNest chat to Marie Guerlain, sixth generatione member of the Guerlain perfume dynasty. Known as the ‘kitchen doctor’, we chat wellbeing, nutrition and cookwear!

You are a 6th generation member of the Guerlain family dynasty; you must have some beauty secrets. What is your beauty regime?

Look after your skin by eating well, not smoking, drinking less and getting lots of sleep! Also exfoliate and moisturise your skin and use SPF daily (even in winter) on your face.

You are a nutritional health coach. Can you tell our readers how your approach differs from others?

NHC embraces all aspects of better health which include diet, mental and physical wellbeing, general happiness, and the effect the environment has on our health.

Can you tell our readers a little more about detoxing your kitchen?

There are over 1500 chemicals in your home and many of those can be found in the kitchen. It may surprise you but things you use on a daily basis are slowly poisoning you from your cleaning products, your microwave, plastic wrapping and cookware.

There is so many whys one can detox the kitchen Can you give our readers some top tips and steps on how to start living toxin free?

Replace cleaning products with natural products or better still start make your own by mixing bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and lemon. Replace plastic wrapping with alternatives; paper bags, bees wax wrap and glass containers. Ditch the microwave.

What’s your detox food mantra for families?

Try to avoid refined sugars and replace with fresh fruit, raw honey and fresh dates when experiencing a sugar craving. Eat plenty of vegetables, nuts, seeds and healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil. Sit down together as a family, chew slowly and enjoy your meal. Try to buy organic when possible.

You’ve just launched a range of luxury cookware called Ondine. Where did the inspiration behind the range come?

I identified a gap in the market and decided to create a product that was aesthetically beautiful, oven to table and non-harmful to health.

Can you tell us about the technical benefits of Ondine?

Ondine is made of Titanium 316Ti, the finest stainless steel on the market. Its won’t alter the taste of your food, wont leach heavy metals and will last generations.

How important is sustainability and seeing Ondine being handed down to future generations?

It’s the core value of the inspiration behind the brand

You were born in Paris and brought up in London. Where do you call home?

I would call home both France and the UK. I grew up here so I love this country however my roots will always be French

Do you have any family friendly meals, which you swear by?

Roast chicken with vegetables and potatoes is always a winner in my house, as well as grilled fish, spaghetti bolognaise and shepherds pie. These recipes are great as you can add sneaky veggies for fussy eaters. I also make fresh smoothies (more veg then fruit) for the kids which I find a great way to get lots of vegetables into them without them realising!

When you are not busy working, what do you like to do to unwind?

I like to practise yoga, walk the dog, meditate, read a good book and watch a movie with the kids. And cooking of course!

Where are your favourite places to eat/shop/drink? 

I love shopping in whole foods, planet organic and farmers markets. I enjoy discovering different little restaurants around town from pop ups to more traditional eateries tucked away in a back street. London is so vast and it always feels like an adventure discovering a new place across town.

What are your wardrobe staples?

Little black dress, black trousers, a crisp white shirt and a flow maxi summer dress

In a few sentences, can you tell our readers what an average day is like?

I wake up early and if I have time I will try to get a work out in. Then I cook breakfast and prepare children for school. A quick walk with the dog and then a day full of meetings follows. Before I know it its time to pick up the children from school, rush them to various activates, then cook dinner and get them ready for bath and bed and homework of course! Then I try to give myself time when they’re in bed to have a relaxing bath or flop into bed with a book and sleep no later then 10am. I don’t function if I don’t get 8/9 hours of sleep a night. I also limit electronics at night to allow my body to unwind naturally without any blue light interference. 

What’s your motto?

Live life to the fullest and give thanks everyday!

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