Kerry O’Brien

We chat to Kerry O’Brien, Founder and CEO of Commando.

Kerry, let me first say what an absolute pleasure it is to meet you. I’m a long time fan of Commando pieces , and I LOVE your slogan “your wish is our Commando”

So, first up,  as a Stylist I am constantly telling my clients about the importance of good underwear, you can wear a £10,000 dress  but if the silhouette underneath isn’t right the dress won’t hang correctly, how important is good underwear?

Your underwear is the first thing you put on in morning, first part of your wardrobing and if you don’t put on something you feel comfortable in, you won’t feel comfortable, like it’s absurd, why wouldn’t you wear something you feel comfortable in? Commando combines the 3 elements that all underwear should be; it is comfortable, it is shaping AND it looks good, why make a choice between those when you can have all 3 in Commando.

I totally agree, we don’t all have to wear Brigitte Jones “big pants”  to feel comfortable, my next question is this what *is* it about the fabric you use?  It is INCREDIBLE

I wanted the world’s best fabrics and we get these from the world’s most luxurious mills which just happen to be in Europe and I knew there had to be technology that was being underutilised in this field so why not use performance fabrics, really technical fabrics in underwear and not coming from a design background really helped with this as I just didn’t care what the rules were about making underwear, I don’t like rules. So, we use the best materials with the best technology and I tell my design team to just “Frankenstein it” go for it.

Love that, I might start using that phrase “just Frankenstein it”, but not only are you using the most luxurious fabrics you are also being sustainable at the same time.

Sustainable means different things to different people, so Europe, in my opinion has always been at the forefront of reducing waste and sustainability and it just so happens that I love their fabrics but also the biggest part of sustainability in my view, is that if you buy things that last, you buy less, by investing in Commando, you don’t need to throw out after after ten washes. We are all about luxury fashion basics, Commando is your fashion canvas.

Exactly, quality over quantity every time and therefore less on landfill. So, my next question is this, Commando is the go to underwear for the A listers and has been worn by my own spirit animal and style icon, Jennifer Lopez, this is a ringing endorsement of just how good your brand is as working with celebrity clients myself they need to look their absolute best on the red carpet don’t they?

Yes, it’s true, we are the most used underwear on the red carpet and at New York Fashion Week,  my dad was telling me this just the other day.

And your hero pieces, or is this too difficult a question?

I can’t choose, can I do it by category? My favourite underwear is our cotton bikini, my favourite hosiery is our ultimate opaque, my favourite legging is the faux leather but it’s tied with the patent leather, my favourite slip is our mini cami slip and my favourite shaper piece is the shaper short because it’s so comfortable and my favourite bodysuit is our ballet bodysuit.

Commando is available in the UK from Net-a-Porter and Selfridges

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