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A day in the life of the of Founder of Gaâla?

A typical day for me involves overseeing our production, working on new designs and communicating with our very international customer service team.

What is it about Gaâla pieces that make them stand out?

Many modern women love the style of the ‘1950s and ‘1960s but are not confident about wearing something that might be considered “costume.”  Our apparel combines the nostalgia of vintage silhouettes with the functionality of classic, contemporary designs, suitable for all workspaces and occasions. Our customers don’t have to decide between being stylish or timeless; our apparel can be both.

What inspired you to create your collections from deadstock?

When living and working in China, I became painfully aware of the detrimental environmental impact that production and manufacturing have on our planet. This served to solidify my conviction that I could not add to the fashion industry’s careless consumption model and that Gaâla’s ethos would be to design timeless apparel made exclusively using quality, surplus and sustainable fabrics.

Who is the Gaâla wearer? 

The most beautiful thing about our community is its diversity. From retirees looking regal in our vintage silhouettes, students wearing our dresses for graduation, brides commemorating the most important day of their life in our silks and linens, professionals from all walks of life in our workwear – it’s truly inspiring to witness the places our pieces go, and the joy they bring to the wearer.

We believe what each of our customers have in common is the desire to be conscious consumers and to feel feminine and beautiful in their own skin.

What is your favoured piece from the current collection?

My favourite from our last collection would be the Annabelle dress. I love the light, silky feel and it’s versatility.

What is the DNA of Gaâla?

In a world of fast fashion, we are proud to be a part of the slow fashion movement, creating quality apparel that transcends trends. Our entire production model demonstrates our support of sustainable practices on a human and environmental level. Fair wages and healthy, positive work environments for the amazing men and women who give life to our designs.

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