Hi Sarah, it’s so great to meet you, you’ve recently launched a product during a global pandemic. So talk us through…

What made you do that? I think you’re brave, others may say crazy, but timing is everything so is there a method in the madness?

We actually started work on this project 2 years ago and we definitely didn’t ever have a global pandemic in the ‘list of things that might happen’ before we launched!  We’ve had lots of conversations about whether or not this is the right time, but we’ve decided to just take the plunge.  Yes, the world is a different place, but we believe that our brand has a strong story to tell, and we’re excited getting the launch product into people’s hands, so we’re going to jump and learn to fly on the way down!

A day in the life of Sarah…

I have 2 young daughters, and I try to structure my day around spending some time with them before and after school.  I never used to be an early riser, but now find that a 6am start (accompanied by a VERY strong cup of tea) allows me to do an hour of work before the chaos of breakfast, and get ahead of my day.  I always try to walk the girls to school – it gives us a chance to have some fresh air and a bit of exercise before a day spent indoors.  There is no ‘normal’ work day and I love the variation – I could be checking sales, briefing our scientists, writing copy, looking through photographs, checking in with our consultant medical herbalist (I learn so much with every conversation!) or speaking to the factory about manufacturing.  Working in a small business means that you get involved in pretty much every aspect of the brand – which is very different from my past life in a big corporate environment.  I love it!

The inspiration behind the name.

Fuaraìn is inspired by the Scots Gaelic for ‘spring’ – the source of the sacred water which is at the heart of the brand.  Finding the name was probably one of the trickiest things we did as it was important that we captured the true essence of the brand.  It was a much longer process than anticipated!

You’ve a background in beauty, but this your dream job?

This is absolutely my dream job!  I love being part of such an energetic team, with a strong purpose and a drive to make the best possible products we can.  I’ve always loved beauty products, and feel very passionately about the beauty industry as being a force for good.  I also love that I can work around a family life and set a good example for my kids.

What is your favourite ingredient to use in a skincare product?

That is a tricky one!  I’ve learned so much about medical herbalism and botanical extracts on this launch, but I’d have to say our magic ingredient – ‘super active’ Deeside Mineral Water.  It has been clinically tested in laboratory, hospital and university studies and this research showed that it increases cell hydration and has important antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities which are beneficial to skin condition.  And you thought water was just water!

As a busy mum & Stylist, whenever I’m stressed (hello 2020!) my skin always takes the hit…as one of our organs do you agree we don’t look after it enough?

RIGHT?!  With a quick glance in the mirror, I can absolutely tell if I’ve not been looking after myself properly.  It always shows on my skin!  On the other hand, a weekend spent outside, drinking loads of water (Deeside of course!) and eating really good food, and I notice the positive difference after only a couple of days!

We are all wearing masks now &  it is wrecking havoc with our skin. What advice would you give in terms of skincare under a mask?

I’ve been asked this loads – and seems so weird that this time last year, it wasn’t even a thing!  My advice would be to keep skin properly hydrated (using Fuaraìn Super Active Moisture Cream, obviously), so that the barrier function is kept in tip top condition.  And I’m militant about washing my masks as often as possible to prevent any dirt or germs coming into contact with my skin.

As a successful business woman yourself. What advice would you give to other females starting out?

My two fail safes are ‘work hard’ and ‘build your network’.  The first one is just a given for anyone trying to succeed at anything!  The second one has been really important to me – I’m naturally curious (or nosy), and have learned so much by talking to all sorts of different people.  Acquaintances have turned into friends, and I love the feeling of support when I can call on someone for a little boost, and the great feeling you get when you can help someone out.

Who or what inspires you in your everyday life?

I love seeing other people succeed.  I’m always humbled by those who overcome difficult circumstances to do great things, and by people who have the strength of character to follow their dreams, even when it’s not the easiest path.

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