Fleur Sladen

Fleur Sladen founder of The Food StorkFleur is the founder of The Food Stork, a company delivering nutritious meals to new mums. 

Fleur Sladen, the founder of  The Food Stork, is an experienced cook who creates delicious, made-from-scratch meals.  When her sister had her first child Fleur stepped in to help out and took over the cooking.  On seeing her sister’s response to the food she had prepared and stored for her, Fleur was determined that more new mothers should have access to delicious, freshly made food delivered straight to their kitchen.  Soon, other new mums in the area heard about Fleur’s food and The Food Stork was developed, creating home made, fresh food purely designed and created for new mothers to help support and nurture them after childbirth.

It can be so difficult to eat well in those first few weeks after giving birth.  Any tips for mums on how to make healthy, nutritious lunches that take no time at all?

Other than ordering delicious food from The Food Stork of course, soups are a great lunch and are easy to make, can be as nutritious as you like, and are comforting, soothing and filling.  If you make a good batch, soup freezes really well.

Are there any mums out there who really inspire you?

Not being a mother myself, I find most mums inspirational as I know it’s incredibly hard work bringing up kids.

What’s your failsafe ‘look’ when you have moment to get ready in the morning?
Coming into Autumn I’d say my failsafe look at the moment would be my James Jeans US vintage skinnies with a plaid shirt from Uniqlo (they’ve got a great selection) and some ‘leopard skin’ flats I picked up at Target in LA, which is their equivalent to Primark.

What book are you reading at the moment?  What’s your all time favourite read?

I’ve just started Three Sisters by Bi Feiyu.  I’m quite a bookworm so I’ve found this quite hard to choose but I’d say If This Is A Man & The Truce by Primo Levi had a profound and lasting effect on me.

What’s your motto in life?

My motto changes day to day, but at the moment it’s very much be positive and patient and it will all come good.

Mums have a real voice nowadays through social media.  Are there any mummy bloggers you follow?

Yes, there’s a local journalist called Emma Carlise who’s a mum to three and has a great blog www.morethanjustamother.com.

You must be so busy with The Food Stork, do you get to spend much with your niece and nephew?  Are there any local parks or attraction museums they particularly love?

When my niece and nephew come to stay I love taking them to the Cotswold Farm Park which is owned and run by Adam from Country File.  You can pet lambs, feed goats, and see wonderful British rare breeds.  I love it all; they prefer the bouncy castle…

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