Claudi & Fin

How did you both meet?

Meriel and I met at a local playgroup in South London when our children were about six months old. Our eyes meet over the room when we were struggling to co-ordinate song and actions!

What was the inspiration behind Claudi & Fin?

The desire to feed our children a delicious lolly that wasn’t full of sugar, colouring or additives and when we couldn’t find one we decided to have a go at making our own. After over a year of trials we cracked it!

Where can you buy Claudi & Fin treats?

Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Budgens and in Ireland SuperValu and Dunnes.

Can you tell our readers about your new “MINIS” range?

Three is the magic number right? And we have three delicious flavours in one pack – strawberry, mango and our new flavour apricot and peach. The same 100% natural ingredients squeezed into a seriously cute 30ml size. Perfect for little hands but widely enjoyed by adults too, and with the same calories as a carrot we know why!

What is the process when creating new flavours?

We listen to our customers who love sharing ideas through social media. We also look at what consumers are enjoying across other food categories and trends in food.

How do you go about sourcing ingredients?

Quality, 100% natural ingredients are at the heart of all our products. We don’t include anything in our lollies that we wouldn’t give to our children so quality is absolutely vital. We start with that premise for all our new product sourcing.

Do you have a favourite flavour?

I love the strawberry, the natural sweetness of the strawberry comes through and I get through quite a lot a week! We have massive freezers full of them in the office so I can’t help myself but at 50 calories I don’t mind! Meriel loves the mango and we’ve won a Great Taste Award for this lovely lolly! Woo hoo!

What are your lollies made from?

Creamy Greek-style yoghurt, milk, loads of real fruit and each little lolly is boosted with 30% of an adults RDA

How can we help our children have a healthier relationship with food?

Start them young! I have a seven month old and he’s eating loads of fruit and vegetables, his diet is better than mine! I think eating together as much as possible really helps whether that’s at home, a picnic or sandwich on a bench watching the world go by. Food together always tastes better and I think children watch and learn what we eat as adults.

Where do you get inspiration from for new flavours and blends?

Everywhere! Nature, cook books, childhood memories of desserts. We’ve made some really wacky flavours in our time that haven’t left our kitchen tables!

What is the ethos of the brand?

We’re about 100% natural, delicious, better-for-you family lollies

From what age are the lollies suitable from?

From 3 years to 100 plus! Claudi & Fin lollies are here for all to enjoy!

Do you have any family friendly favourite restaurants across London?

Le Querce in South London is the perfect family destination – wonderful Italian cooking and they love kids!

When you are not busy working, what do you enjoy doing with the family?

We strap the little one on our backs and the five year old dons her wellies and we go for a good walk – coastal or forest. We pack a picnic, a flask of hot chocolate and don’t plan too much. It’s always an adventure, good or bad!

In a few sentences, describe an average day?

Mornings are always a bit crazy as my husband leaves early and I promise myself every night I’ll be the most organised person in the world tomorrow! It tends to be – food everywhere (from the weaning one) and frantic colouring (from the five year old) which are rudely interrupted by the school run, then it’s whizz to work and it could be anything from pitching to the supermarkets with a new product, to talking to restaurants about taking the impulse line to writing briefs for the designer to thinking up new competitions for social media… it never stops!

Are you able to share with us some exciting insight into any upcoming projects you’re currently working on?

Think of your favourite lollies from your childhood and then imagine better-for-you versions that taste even more delicious!

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