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Philanthropist, TV presenter and author Katie Piper and entrepreneur TerriAnn Nunns, of The TerriAnn 123 Diet have joined forces to create The Healthy Happy Mum Plan. Putting together their life, health, mindfulness and post-pregnancy experiences together to get you looking and feeling at your best! It’s a light-hearted manual for happiness in motherhood….

Hi Katie! Thank you for taking time out of your crazy schedule to tell us more about The Healthy Happy Mum Plan!

SN- Weight loss after pregnancy will always be a hot topic, despite the current trend of supporting women to not feel under pressure to get back in their pre-pregnancy clothes, I personally think we are happier when we feel more like our old selves again. How did you feel about your own weight gain and loss?

KP- Yes for me, I wanted to feel like myself again, but it wasn’t just about weight loss- I also felt really lethargic with the extra weight, which just isn’t ideal with a new born baby. I also found the lethargy impacted on my mood. I wanted to include happiness and mindfulness in the plan because I believe the food we eat and the exercise we take goes hand in hand with this.

SN- I lost the weight quickly after my first and my stomach was flat, but it took ages for my ‘post-labour hips’ to go close back to normal again! Does the plan talk about body shape changing (some irreversible, some not)?

KP- Yes! For example, I’ve lost 2 stone which I’m so happy about, but I still have loose skin from the pregnancies- this may improve, it may not, but I won’t be comparing myself to anybody else’s journey. I don’t believe in looking at individuals as a goal, that is not my aim, my aim is to be the best version of myself. The (Facebook community) Mum Hub we have created will give us all an opportunity to share our post pregnancy experiences too!

Do you recommend different eating programmes for breast-feeding women?

KP- The Healthy Happy Mum Plan is dietician approved and advises 1800 calories per day with no restrictions of specific food groups. However, we ask that if you are breast-feeding you add another 300 calories per day to your plan (and we advise you how). The reason we don’t restrict food groups is because we want this to become a lifestyle- it is not a diet.

Does the plan discuss pelvic floor training? It’s something we should all be doing but some of us are still unsure about!

KP- We do! I was very strict with these and set reminders on my phone to make sure I did them! Then TerriAnn suggested that every time I check my phone or do something on my phone, I do my pelvic floor exercises at the same time! It is the best reminder ever!

The ‘Mum Hub’ is a great idea, motherhood can feel so isolating at times and (imo) some forums have become a bit dictator-like. How do you hope to see members using the hub?

KP- TerriAnn lost 7stone after her pregnancies and was a huge support to me post pregnancy, we would WhatsApp each other and support and share our hits and misses of the day. We want the Hub to be like a giant WhatsApp group where we all support and encourage each other on our individual journeys. Sharing and hearing people’s stories is hugely motivating and reassuring.

It’s hard to schedule exercise time in when you have a baby, do you recommend planning ahead or taking the opportunities when they come?

KP- Home workouts became a huge thing for me, I can’t get a babysitter every time I want to go to the gym, so squats, lunges and ab exercises at home really helped. When my husband gets home, I like to go out for a run if possible- it really helps to clear my mind. I also incorporate exercise when I’m playing with the kids- being outside and running around with your kids is fun for them and a great little workout for you!

I think all mums have feelings of pressure, guilt and insecurity when it comes to motherhood, I imagine this must be magnified when you are in the public eye?

KP- This is another reason why being in a good place mentally is so important, I learnt a long time ago not to allow other people to make me feel a certain way about myself and not to compare myself to others. Nobody is you and that is your super power- you are the expert on your life, no one else.

It’s important to remind yourself that if somebody is negative towards you, it says more about them than it does you. Don’t judge others and think before you say anything that could be taken as unkind. Again, it goes back to being mindful.

Have you found baby no.2 easier?

KP- I’ve found that having 2 children is easier actually! They have each other for entertainment. I still get one-on-one time with them- I enjoy a sensory group with the baby and when we’re all together we do the more energetic things to wear them out before bedtime!

The Healthy Happy Mum Plan by Katie Piper and TerriAnn Nunns is available for £39.99 at www.thehealthyhappymumplan.co.uk

Photos: Dan Kennedy

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