5 Minutes with Dr Galyna

Totally representative of the patients she treats, Dr Galyna was originally a patient of Dr Rita Rakus. After building up a relationship of mutual respect, and with the same approach to aesthetics, Dr Galyna decided this was the place for her to start treating her own clients.

How does your approach to body contouring differ to others?

My background is in psychiatry, forensics, detox and eating disorders. It’s all very well helping a patient to improve their body but how did they become out of shape in the first place? How might I help them maintain their desired body? Body image and weight gain correlates to what is going on in the mind, it is so important for me to fully understand patients and their goals.

In many cases I will work alongside my patient’s immunity doctor or cardio doctor to get the best and safest results. All my patients have my direct personal telephone number- they have access to me 24/7! I am very hands on!

Based on your background, have you ever deemed a patient unsuitable for treatment?

Yes, I have had cases where I have asked patients to see their GP before we go ahead with a treatment (if at all). With my background, I might recognise the signs of an eating disorder or body dysmorphia but it is not correct for me to diagnose in this situation, which is why I ask they see their GP first.

It is not always possible for me to treat somebody who is clinically obese in the areas that they would like but I can often treat them in a different area that boosts their confidence and spurs them on to be in a position for me to be able to treat them properly.

Where did the idea for the ‘Chanel Job’ come from?!

Ha! I had a patient that loved Chanel but had to get a size larger than normal for the clothes to fit her arms. She would then have each item tailored to her shape. It was a lengthy process and it was getting her down, so I treated her arms and her abdomen, and now she can buy her regular size straight off the rack! She is over the moon, her tailor is less happy!

So, what areas do you typically treat?

All the problem areas! These are the places we typically lose excess weight from last. I do a lot of knees! As this is a notably difficult area to improve with diet and exercise. Brides often come in for arms, underarms or backs to feel their absolute best on their big day. I also have wonderful results with post pregnancy and menopausal patients whose change in hormones has hindered them getting back to their pre-pregnancy shape. It is so rewarding!

Is the treatment uncomfortable?

Not at all! Many of my clients just lie there and watch Netflix! Literally, Netflix and chill!

How long is it until patients can expect to see a result?

Each treatment is personalised but on average results can be seen in 3-6 months. In some cases the results are almost immediate but I have a ‘walk don’t run’ attitude. The results are comparable to surgical liposuction but so much more comfortable and non-invasive.

There seems to be a real personal touch in the clinic….

Yes! We have our own personal butler, George, who welcomes each patient and makes the best coffee! It is very discreet in the clinic (and outside- there is no sign to identify the clinic) but it is a very homely place too- it is so important that each patient feels comfortable and at ease with us!

And that, I can confirm is exactly how you do feel; totally at ease, knowing you are in the safest of hands! Thank you, Dr Galyna, for your time!

Find Dr Galyna at www.drritarakus.co.uk

Dr Rita Rakus clinic 34 Hans Road, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1RW

Tel: 0207 4607324  Email: info@drritarakus.com

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