Wallace And Gromit Exhibition

wallace and gromitThe famous pair present a world of cracking ideas to help you get creative spark your imagination. A fun family day out. 

Where: Life Science centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Date: Now until October 30th

With the help of Wallace and Gromit, the exhibition sets out to show that ideas can shape our everyday lives. Cracking ideas are not only about space-ships and mould-breaking scientific and industrial breakthroughs. They can just as easily affect the world we live and our day to day lives. Sponsored by The Intellectual Property this fun exhibition aims to increase awareness of the growing importance of Intellectual Property (IP) to the british economy. And aims to prevent businesses and young innovators from missing out on the opportunities to exploit their knowledge and their creativity.

In this exhibition, apart from the strangely compulsive contraptions invented by a lover of Wensleydale cheese, you’ll also be able to see a rich variety of ideas that have helped to make this world a better, safer, healthier, and more enjoyable place. From Wellington boots and telephones to vacuum cleaners and chocolate teapots.

This educational and highly interactive exhibition promises to be a family day out that kids and adults will both enjoy.

To book tickets visit Crackingideas.com/exhibition

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