The Future Of Event Planning: How The Pandemic Is Changing Everything

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Planning a spectacular event has always been an exhilarating experience, but thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, it has become a challenge.

The potentially fatal virus spreads easily in large groups of people, meaning that events of the future will be smaller affairs and there will be a range of adaptations that hosts have to make if they want to pull off a successful celebration.

For hosts who are eager to reschedule their special event, or plan a fresh one for after the lockdown restrictions have eased, then read on to find out about the changes you’ll face and how you can adapt around them.

Guest Lists Will Be Paired Down

Due to the nature of the virus, you will be restricted to a limited number of guests for many months, and possibly until the end of 2020. For hosts who are planning an event further into the future, you might be able to invite more guests. However, fear might keep many from attending. As such, you need to be prepared to host smaller events for a limited guest list.

Those Who Do Attend Will Have Higher Expectations

Just because fewer guests will be attending your event, doesn’t mean that your job will be any easier. Instead, guests will expect something truly spectacular, and will only be willing to attend events with a wide range of exciting amenities. Work with Hire Photo Booths to hire photo booths and magic mirrors that will entice and entertain your guests.

Travel Restrictions Will Give You More Responsibility

Throughout the pandemic, all forms of public transport have either ground to a complete halt or seen a significant reduction in their services. Many airlines have had to ground flights, and buses and trains have reduced their stops and services. As a result, you need to be prepared to help your guests to find ways to travel to your event. Provide guests with a selection of tips, such as carpooling or travelling to the event early to avoid the potential of missing your celebration. If guests reach out to you for help finding transport, then communicate with local transport providers to find a safe way to help them to reach and enjoy your special event.

Venues Will Have More Safety Procedures In Place

Cleanliness is a key focus during the pandemic, and it looks set to remain a crucial element of any event for many years to come. As such, venues will have more safety and hygiene processes in place, which you will need to abide by if you are to retain a cordial working relationship with them. Make sure that you communicate with every venue you’re hosting an event at before you start your set-up so that you can find out what they expect from you and how they will be helping you to keep your guests happy and healthy.

The Dress Code Will Change

One of the main focuses during the pandemic has been facial coverings such as scarves, bandanas and face masks. These accessories might make people look slightly menacing, but they are useful for slowing the spread of the Coronavirus, which is waterborne and lives in saliva. As such, for the foreseeable future, you can expect that many venues will insist that every entrant to your event wears a face covering, and possibly gloves as well. Just because they have to cover their faces, doesn’t mean that your guests can’t look stylish. There are a wide variety of trendy face mask makers on the market, so you can help your guests to find the perfect face covering for any outfit.

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