Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Pink Fridays

pink friday cakeSupport Breast Cancer Awareness Month by hosting a Pink Friday at your workplace, school or home.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and there are a number of ways you can get involved in this extremely worthy cause. At StyleNest HQ, we have already rounded up our selection of the best beauty, fashion and lifestyle buys to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but why not go one step further by hosting your own event?

Turn your Friday pink with Pink Fridays. Dress pink, eat pink, party pink or work pink. How you turn your Friday pink is up to you. Join the thousands of others who will be raising money this October and help to support people affected by breast cancer today.

Any amount of money you raise will help to support those suffering from breast cancer. Just £2 pays for a headscarf set, helping to boost the confidence of a woman who has lost her hair as a result of her breast cancer treatment. £52 pays for a personal appointment with the HeadStrong service to help women cope with the distress of hair loss from cancer treatment. £132 pays to connect someone going through breast cancer with a trained volunteer who has had a similar experience to them and can provide one-to-one support and reassurance. So, anything you can give will support and re-assure those going through this difficult time.

There are numerous ways to participate in Pink Fridays. Why not bake your own selection of pink cakes and host a bake sale.  Dress head to toe in pink for the day (men included), or even just paint your nails in a fuschia polish. Everything benefits this worthy cause.

For more information on hosting your own Pink Friday event, visit the website.

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