5 Tips for Staying Safe at a Music Festival

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Going to a music festival can mean having the time of your life. You’re surrounded by your friends, good music, alcohol and you’ve planned your festival wardrobe to perfection – what’s not to love? But, while you’re there you do need to be cautious. The crowds are huge and you may not be able to trust everyone around you. Thankfully, there are some good tips to follow to ensure you keep yourself safe while having fun.

Stay Hydrated

The majority of music festivals are outdoors and we’re lucky enough to usually have the best weather. If you’re out in the crowds all day long, you’ll need to make sure you stay hydrated. And, that doesn’t mean with alcohol. Carry a few bottles of water around with you so you always have something to drink. You may not want to queue up for the portable toilets every hour, but it’s better than suffering from sun stroke and missing out on the whole experience.

Make Conscious Decisions

If you spend the whole time drinking alcohol, it’s likely that your safety levels will drop significantly. This is because when you’re drunk, you tend to get an invincibility complex. You can invite strangers back to your tent without a second thought. You can attempt a back flip for the first time your life without suspecting injury. You can put your phone and wallet down without assuming someone might take it. In reality, it much more likely you’ll have your belongings stolen and you’ll need a local chiropractor when you get home.

Remember Your Medication

If you take medication on a regular basis, going to a music festival isn’t an excuse to forget it. Forgetting to take medication can be dangerous, so be sure to carry it with you wherever you go. This is especially important for asthmatics or anyone affected by allergies. Music festivals are often held in fields, so it’s easy to get a flare up of Hay Fever. Carry antihistamines with you at all times so you don’t suffer when you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself.

The Buddy System

Young girls often feel safer by using the buddy system. If you go to a festival with a group of friends, consider pairing up as buddies. It will be your responsibility to keep an eye out for your buddy, and your buddy’s responsibility to keep an eye out for you. That way, if anything suspicious happens, there’s an extra set of eyes keeping you safe.

Safe Sex

Music festivals are full of attractive people, ready to party. It’s quite possible that you’ll meet someone you really hit it off with or are really attracted to. Even if it’s just for one night, you need to practice safe sex. The last thing you want to be bringing home with you is an STI. It’s wise to take condoms with you, even if you’re not planning on having sex while you’re there. Better to be safe than sorry!

Use your instinct while at a festival to stay safe, but remember to have fun too!  

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