The Book of Everyone

Are you thinking of a personalised present for someone special but not quite sure what they would like? A dressing gown with their initials on the front? No. A personalised picture frame? Hmm not sure if they would actually hang it. What about a book?! A book. Written by you. About them.

The Book of Everyone is a genius idea. It doesn’t get more personal than this when it comes to thoughtful, tear jerking presents. The easy to use online personalisation service creates a charming, factual birthday book for your loved one. All you do is fill in their name and date of birth and before you know it you have a whole book dedicated to them. It really is that simple! The book is then filled with curious facts and trivia about the world they were born in to. Then scattered with some interesting snippets of history alongside some beautiful illustrations. And to finish it all off it is topped with a big dollop of silliness. This book will make them laugh, cry and WOW all at once. It’s a real nostalgic celebration and will certainly get you talking about the good old days.

You can view each page online and personalise it with your own photos and messages, making it super special and completely unique. You also have the option to choose a softback, hardback or deluxe which has a more luxurious finish. The book is then lovingly made and sent to you in the post.  I was lucky enough to try out the softback book and was very impressed. The front cover and pages are so well made and have a real high-quality feel to them. The different pages are bursting with colour and wonderful imagery. It made me chuckle flicking through the pages and imagining what my husband’s face is going to look like when he sees the front cover titled ‘The Book of Sam’. It is such a brilliant idea and I can’t wait to give it to him.

The Book of Everyone really is a special gift and a wonderful keepsake. Packed full of memories and filled with laughter it is a book to treasure forever. I am sure to be ordering one for every birthday next year. Well that make’s things simple!

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