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The joys of Summer are just around the corner (I hope) and what does Summer bring with it apart from a little more heat?

A little more water!

No, I don’t mean rain, although the British summer can always throw in a few showers just to remind of us of who we are and where we come from. But come Summertime plain old water has us all splashing around in pools, fountains, hosepipes, paddling pools, sprinklers, waterparks and in the sea. Watching as our children play and laugh in the water is one of life’s pleasures isn’t it? Splashing away, keeping cool, having so much excitable fun until BANG. They’ve slipped and banged their head and you’re sat in A&E for the rest of the hottest day of the year or worse still… whilst you’re on holiday! Sorry. Didn’t mean to ruin your daydream. But hey, these things happen. Especially with little ones.

So, this is where SLIPFREE UK come in and are an absolute gamechanger. SLIPFREE are non-slip shoes for adults and children. They are super lightweight elasticated shoes, a little bit like a trainer sock, but made of quick drying, breathable fabric and come in a wide range of lovely colours and patterns. They have firm grip soles to stop you or your little ones from slipping on water around the pool or at home. They are also fantastic for the beach to stop little (or big) feet getting burnt on hot sand! They are so thin and lightweight that you or your kids can just play around in them all day, with the feeling of walking or swimming barefoot. No need for that hot tip toe to the shore or that slippery walk to the pool. No trying to wipe the sand from your feet to put on the flip flops you left on the beach. The elasticated fitting helps keep sand and pebbles out! Amazing!

I like the fact that they can be used year-round as well. For adults they double up as fantastic yoga or Pilates shoes and can be worn in the gym or at home. Kids can wear them round the house, in and out of the garden, to swimming lessons and in the shower.

All round a great little pair of lightweight no-slip shoes for beach, pool and home. If SLIPFREE equals Stress-free it’s a thumbs up from me!

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