Organic Babies Newborn Collection by Green People

I remember as a child watching in horror as my little sister scratched away at her skin on her arms and behind her knees. My poor baby sister crying at the frustratingly itchy and sore skin she was dealt with. It was hard for my mum to find anything natural on the market which didn’t aggravate her skin. Instead a doctor’s prescription of oil with harsh chemicals was handed to her.

The introduction of chemical toxins on to a baby’s sensitive skin, could, as research suggests, be a leading factor in childhood eczema and allergies. Babies skin is particularly thin making it more absorbent. For this reason, it is so important to avoid any chemicals in the first place and to steer clear of mineral oils, paraffin wax and petrochemicals commonly found in baby products. These act as a barrier to the skin so that it can not eliminate the toxins.

Sounds rather nasty, right?

That’s why Organic Babies by Green People have created a gentle Newborn Collection especially formulated for the most delicate skin. When it comes to our baby’s skin care, we want nothing but the best. This range is packed with pure plant botanicals and is completely free from skin irritants and chemical toxins, making it the purest choice for your new arrival.

Lather and moisturise your baby’s skin with age old herbs, including chamomile, calendula, yucca and lavender. These natural herbs have soothing and therapeutic properties which make a great choice for babies with sensitive or eczema prone skin. There is also a choice of scented or scent free products, both of which are certified organic and natural.

The scent free Baby Wash and Shampoo feels so clean and pure, creating a bubbly foam which is also natural and protective. It’s SLS- free and can be used on baby’s body, hair and nappy area. It’s super concentrated too so a little goes a long way, which is great value for money. Also, if you prefer a scented baby wash there is a natural lavender option for optimal soothing effects!

Next, give your little bundle a relaxing massage with the luxurious, Nurturing Baby Oil which is full of natural ingredients such as Organic Evening Primrose, Rosehip and Pomegranate. It gently soothes and softens, is scent free and leaves baby’s skin feeling so soft. This beautiful oil can also be used on a growing baby bump to help keep mums tum soft and supple. Perfect as a baby shower gift!

Protect your baby’s bottom with the Calming Nappy Cream. This cream protects against dampness which can lead to nappy rash. Like the title, this cream really is calming, filling the room with a relaxing scent of chamomile.  It’s also naturally rich in Omega 3&6 making that little peachy bottom the softest in town.

The Soothing Nipple Balm is a savour for sore nipples. It glides on smoothly and is safe to use before and after breastfeeding. No need to worry about rinsing it off for baby, which makes it a baby bag essential. Lanolin free and gentle for sensitive skin. It can also double up as a lip balm! Who said breastfeeding wasn’t glam?

This Organic Babies Newborn Collection by Green People really is goodness in a box. Products you can trust are few and far between, but your baby is certainly safe in Green Peoples hands. It makes a perfect gift for new parents and is reasonably priced at £35.00 a box. Worth every penny to protect your baby’s skin.

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