Nutmeg Clothing

NutmegMorrisons launches first clothing line with Nutmeg clothing for children aged 0 – 12.

For  children aged between 0-12, the new Nutmeg collection offers a practical solution to children’s clothing blended with family fashion. Parents and children are at the forefront of the Nutmeg design, offering sensible design features to help getting dressed easier and more fun for the whole family.

The comfy clothes with fun styles will help encourage children to get dressed by considering those getting dressed grumbles. Designed with detail, the new Nutmeg collection feature a range of kid-friendly details. From non-slip soles to chunky zips on hoodies and jackets for little fingers to do up on their own and do it yourself trousers designed for kids to pull on easily themselves. Expandable waistbands for those ever expanding bellies and no back labels for itch proof collars to help prevent any irritations all designed in super soft fabrics extra comfort, getting dressed has never been so easy.

With the ethos of being fresh, thoughtful, accessible and affordable, these four ideas are at the heart of the Nutmeg brand. As the first own-brand clothing range from Morrisons, Nutmeg offers a fresh approach to supermarket shopping.

Comfortable, stylish and practical, Nutmeg offers a whole range of everyday essentials with trendy twists and thoughtful touches, all designed to make the whole family’s easier. From the perfect party dress to essential babygrows and must-haves for April shows, the Nutmeg collection features a vast range of children’s wardrobe staples, from wellies to jeans and tees to plimsolls.

Nutmeg will be available in selected Morrisons and Kiddicare stores from 21 March 2013. 

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