No plastic please! 6 toy-free gift ideas for the little one in your life

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Dolls, cars, bricks, plastic food, animals and kitchens. The amount of kids toys out there is astounding, but there’s nothing better than spoiling your little one with a toy that they’ve been talking about for the last three months! However, toys upon toys usually means that little ones have no idea what toys they really have – they get forgotten about, broken or misplaced them! This is why I’m looking for ways to spoil my littles ones without plastic gifts or adding to their monstrous toy mountains.

Read on for 6 toy-free gift ideas for the little one in your life.

A nest egg

What could be better than a gift for their future? Investing in their future is a wonderful gesture, something which can be done with Junior ISAs from Wealthify or a savings account at your local bank. The money can’t be touched until they’re older, providing you with a gift you can contribute to each year. They may not fully understand your gift, but as they grow they’ll soon come to appreciate the effort and investment you’ve made on their behalf.

A dressing up box

Dressing up, and role-playing games are great for inspiring your child to use their imagination and creativity – a welcome alternative from looking at screens. Whether they’re a chef, firefighter or princess, your little one can be inspired to be whoever they want to be. Putting together a dressing-up box is easy and budget-friendly too. Avoid those plasticky princess outfits and superhero costumes, let them create their own characters with everyday clothes and accessories. Go through your own wardrobe and donate anything you no longer want. It could be handbags, shoes, jackets, ties, scarves or shirts – check out your local charity shop for other clothing ideas including prom dresses and suits!

A charity gift

If your child loves animals then why not sign them up to an endangered animal sponsorship? Or sponsor an animal at the local shelter or conservation centre. You could even go a step further and help them sponsor a child who isn’t as fortunate as they are. They’ll get regular updates, learn plenty about other cultures and their own contentment along the way.

Kitchen gifts

They may not appreciate a new blender. However, if your little ones love spending time with you in the kitchen, why not encourage your little foodie further with some kitchen-themed gifts? Their own little apron, basic cooking utensils set including a peeler, mixing spoons and cookie cutters, or even their own cookbook!

An instrument

Is your little one a budding musician? Consider harnessing their enthusiasm and skills by signing them up to lessons with an instrument of their choice. If they still show interest in a year, then consider getting them their own instrument for their following birthday. If they love singing, then singing lessons are also great fun!

A day/night away

Take them to the big city, enjoy a meal out, maybe even a show, then let them revel in the excitement of staying overnight in a hotel! They’ll love their own little adventure.

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