Billy and Belle

Natural skin care products have become essential to me since having children. Nothing alerts you more to the delicacy of skin than having a tiny little baby to hold as soft as cotton wool. Keeping that skin soft is another story.

The number of products on the shelves can become baffling. Finding something chemical free can be something short of a miracle.

Billy and Belle have created the gentlest products made with natural, organic ingredients. Founded by the father of Belle who developed dry skin and eczema as a baby, this little range is the perfect addition to your new bath time routine. It was his mission to create natural products that would soothe and protect his daughter Belle, relieving her of her dry skin and discomfort.

I was lucky enough to try out some of the Billy and Belle products when my own daughter was having a bout of perioral dermatitis. After months of trying out different creams, medicines, herbal remedies and other ointments recommended by a doctor, finally Billy and Belle’s Sensitive Skin Cream arrived. Very soon after applying this smooth and silky cream, mixed with manuka honey and arnica oil, her eczema gradually disappeared. I was over the moon. No longer was my little girl covered in dry itching skin around her mouth. No more watching as she licked her lips to soothe the discomfort. No more tears. It really was amazing to see the redness go.

The wonderful Billy and Belle Bath Oil is also our bath time essential now.  Non glamourous and unscented you wouldn’t think it was anything special, until you take your baby out of the bath and feel their silky soft skin. Infused with skin invigorating natural ingredients, this bath oil really does its job. It’s non greasy and perfect for everyone in the family. A few squirts goes a long way and is all you need to really make a difference to yours and your baby’s skin.

Then there’s the non-foaming body wash. A little different from most body washes on the market because it doesn’t foam in the same way as a lot of others do. At first, I was sceptical. It just seemed like I was rubbing body lotion in. But you know what, it works! It’s a rich and nourishing cream which really cleanses without drying the skin. A good massage of this in the bath and a gentle pat dry afterwards works wonders.

It really is the loveliest feeling knowing that your little ones are being pampered and protected with this gorgeous nourishing little range.

And finally, who is Billy? I hear you ask.

Billy is Belle’s fluffy little cat. A real cat. With the softest fur and the softest heart. And now has the softest little girl next to him. Cute.

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