Little Stars

Christmas is fast approaching and the magical moment has arrived… Lyla is to take centre stage as a star in her first Christmas Nativity. After much deliberation I have opted out of making her outfit *gasp*.  This is mainly due to my middle-of-the night panic about getting a suitably sensational costume ready in time and it not being made entirely from cardboard.  Thankfully I have been rescued by good old Sainsbury’s and their fantastic Nativity outfit range, with a star suit plus headpiece costing just £6. I suspect I may need some matching star print tissues for the big night.

star costume

Theo is reaching a different milestone as he turns one in a few weeks. This time last year I had a bigger belly than Father Christmas and was panicking about the possibility of eating Christmas dinner in hospital.

Since Theo’s arrival the ‘Out N About Nipper’ double pushchair has without doubt been the most functional baby item I have bought. In a market that is completely over-saturated, what pushchair choice to go for is often a difficult one, yet this model is both reasonable in price and ideal for my lifestyle.  As a person that walks a lot, the ‘Nipper’ has glided easily up many a hill while I have struggled behind it huffing and puffing like a militant mummy on an exercise kick. Having one of those days, I was therefore surprised when I became unable to manoeuvre my trusty buggy around the shops. I have recently been increasingly aware that Lyla is nearly too old to sit in it but I had no idea she was so heavy. This was before I noticed the puncture…

Helena with pram

A lengthy and somewhat sweaty walk home ensued, while I attempted to push, steer and balance two tots and a three-wheeler.  But hey, a year’s use and one puncture isn’t bad going in my mind. I’d do it again just for the workout it gave my arms.

It was a very different kind of labour to the one I faced last December, and thankfully there’s no risk of me giving birth in a stable this Christmas. I think I too will work Lyla’s glitzy star look and leave the part of Mary to someone else this year.

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