Easy Ways To Keep Your Little Ones Entertained This Summer

Photo Credit: Travis Swan Balance Bike

Photo Credit: Travis Swan Balance Bike

With the summer holidays only a few days away, now is the time to start thinking about how you will keep the little ones entertained.

As any mummy knows, having the kids off of school for an extended period might be exciting for them, but it can spell trouble for you. If you don’t think of ways, to keep your kids entertained you will end up with bored, whiney children.

While you might be planning a few days out at theme parks, beaches and soft play centres, it’s important to think about the rest of the time. How will you keep the kids entertained on those days where they are at home?

To help you with this, we have put together a guide to all the best ways to keep your kids entertained this summer.

Go for a bike ride and picnic

On a day when you have nothing better to do, and the sun is shining, pack up a picnic basket and take the kids on a bike ride. Kids love being active, so spending the morning or afternoon exploring on their bikes is the perfect activity for them.

If you have fairly young children, it’s probably a good idea to look for a cycle route that cuts out all roads. Places like parks, forests and seafronts are perfect for cycling along with kids, so look out for these around where you live.

Have a gardening day

On a warm day when you have no plans, why not hold a gardening day for your little ones? Kids love being outside, so spending some time gardening with them is an ideal activity.

Pop to your local garden centre, pick up some seeds and fruit plants, look for deals, like strawberry plants on sale. While general gardening is also fine, growing things is much more exciting for kids.

Do some baking

When it’s just too warm to be outside, spend the afternoon in the kitchen whipping up some delicious treats. Get your baking book out and let your children pick a couple of things that they would like to make. Then pop to the supermarket and get everything that you need.

Cooking is a lot of fun – kids love it because they get to eat what they made afterwards, and is also a great way to keep them occupied. If you don’t like the idea of baking lots of unhealthy treats, you could always have a look online for healthy alternatives.

Have a movie day

If the weather is bad and you don’t fancy spending the day in a crowded indoor play centre, spend the day at home watching movies. Let each of your children pick a movie and watch them throughout the day, while munching on popcorn and ice cream.

If you would prefer to give your children healthier snacks, opt for things like fruit and frozen yogurt.

Keeping the kids entertained isn’t always easy, especially when they are stuck at home. But if you get creative, there are plenty of things you can do to keep them occupied.

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