Where to move to next? 10 factors to consider

Moving out of your comfort zone can be a big jump for anyone. After living in a pattern for so long it can be difficult to step out of it. If you are looking to move cities, then here are ten suggestions to consider before you buy your new home.

How far away is it?

It can be difficult to maintain long-distanced relationships with family and friends, especially if your new home is more than a few hours away. Not only that, but should you decide to move with either a removal service’s van or with a hired van, examples of which can be found upon the “Man and Van Size Guide” then you may rack up some extra costs with just the journey. This can only grow if you choose to move abroad.


Thinking of cost-effectiveness of your journeys, whether you are travelling in a car or on the train, the cost of a ticket or gas can seriously impact your budget. Plus, relatives or friends who take this journey will also experience the same costs.

What sort of area do you want to be in?

If you are going to live in a capital city, then you may need to consider whether you could handle the constant crowds and potential area pollution. You will have more chance of finding a job, but in these areas the cost of essentials is much higher. In a rural area, you will experience a lot more space and room to maintain your privacy, but may experience less efficient Wi-Fi-services or chances of finding a job.


In Capital Areas you are bound to experience more taxes. For areas like Westminster and Sussex, council tax bills cost around £1,300-£1600 whilst in the North, areas like Sunderland take in around £1,200 per annum. If you do not have any discounts and also have to pay your gas and utility bills, then this can cost you quite a bit.


Have you checked the area for jobs? If you are aiming to relocate somewhere that is rural, you may have less luck than in a commercialised city. Keep this in mind for your move!


Moving down South may make you encounter some higher climates but intense rains. But in the North, you may be met with colder breezes and chances of snow. Consider what environments would best suit you and would be willing to commute in.

Crime Rates

Don’t put up with an area with crime in it. When you are moving and you have found a city of interest, be sure to look up local crime rates to ensure you are not the next victim.


Are you the sort of person who prefers a quiet neighbourhood, or a place that encounters festivals, artistic exhibits and market places? Keep this in mind when you are choosing whether you want to live in a city or a village.

Family Life

If you are travelling with your family, does the area have a good education system or schools that have high standards?

How long will I stay there?

This is an important question for any potential mover. If you intend to move from a local village into a city, you need to ask yourself how long you plan to stay there for. Do you intend to commute from one city to another or only intend to stay a few months for schooling?

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