What Are the Best Kid-Friendly Cars?

Photo Credit: Jagmeet Singh, www.pexels.com

Many parents make the mistake of thinking that only the driver should hold an opinion on their car. Well, the passenger has every right to judge the vehicles appeal too, and if you’re a parent, then these passengers can often be your youngsters. If they hate your car, they’ve likely let you know already in a tantrum!

These days, there’s really no reason as to why everyone can’t enjoy the family car. After all, they’re easily found on the internet for the whole household to browse through. Still, if you’re looking for something that will quickly tick all the right boxes, help is at hand!

Consequently, here are some of the best kid-friendly cars on the market today.

Ford Focus

As a parent, the safety of your family is paramount. Therefore, if a car is anything less than safe, you should never even consider buying it. You need something that will be robust and reliable in the unfortunate event of an accident, safeguarding all of you from danger. It might seem like too big an ask on the roads today, but there are cars out there that act as impenetrable, mobile fortresses of the road.

The latest, 2019 iteration of the Ford Focus is one such vehicle that’s built to prioritise the wellbeing of those inside. For example, the car reportedly won a significant safety test that was widely covered in the national press, which is exactly what you need if safety is your first box to tick off. The vehicle is also roomy and has a sleek, stylish chassis, meaning that your kids will be less embarrassed to be with you too.

Renault Megane

If your kids aren’t quite old enough yet to appreciate the finer qualities in a car, then by all means go for something that’s a bit bigger on aesthetical value. The Renault Megane fits this bill, built to appeal not to one driver but to multiple users; which makes it perfect for the whole family! Touch screens, blue-tooth connectivity, cruise control; it’s all here.

The Renault Megane also features automatic wipers, which makes it easier to deal with varying weather conditions when out on the road. There’re even rear parking sensors too, which will signal alarm if your encroaching on another vehicle. Ultimately, this car has your back, and ensures that every trip with your family is fun and safe.

Vauxhall Astra

You might despair if your children are constantly fixed to their phones and PlayStation, but nothing is going to stop the power and appeal of technology. No doubt you’re impressed by some of these devices yourself! Well, the Vauxhall Astra screams technology, and it’s a car the kids will thoroughly enjoy instead of ridicule at every turn…

Heated seats, LED matrix headlights, driver assistance features and tinted windows are great additions that add some quirky value to your lifestyles. This is no generic, vanilla vehicle, but a love letter of car manufacturing that’s made only to please. There’s a crisp suspension built in that’s made to withstand any pothole, which means a smooth, luxury-esq ride is all but guaranteed.

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