Treat Yourself To A Little More Storage Space

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Creating space in your home sometimes feels like the never ending battle. Sure, you have room for essential pieces of furniture, but when it comes to hiding your unsightly stuff away, you might simply just not have the room! The easy and most obvious option is to, if possible, hide things away in an attic or a basement. Of course, if you live in a small apartment or a condo this just isn’t going to be possible. You’re going to have to find another solution. Lucky for you there is actually plenty that you can do.

  1. Use the walls

You could try using pinboards to remind yourself of the bills you need to pay. You could fill up shelves with attractive looking books or you could even use glass storage jars to hide away knick-knacks. What you need to realize is your walls are very useful. If you struggle with paperwork, file things as soon as they come through the door and use a shelf to store the folder. Don’t be afraid to hang things you wouldn’t normally hang up either. Attached picture hooks to display a hanger full or scarves, and you could even hang some of your clothes on the wall if closet space is an issue. Think outside of the box and get a little creative.

  1. Control the clutter

If you lack space in your home, don’t fill it to the brim with unnecessary clutter. Trinkets may look cute, but they can collect as an awful lot of dust. The general rule when it comes to clutter is if you haven’t thought about it in a year it’s time to chuck it in the trash. Try your best not to hold onto things for sentimental reasons and be a little bit ruthless – you’ll appreciate the extra space more than the clutter!

  1. Build a bookcase

Books can be a beautiful thing to look at, so don’t waste their attractiveness by hiding them away. It’s a good idea to find local tradespeople who can help you build a solid set of shelves. It might feel strange to using a whole wall for the sole purpose of books, but it will actually give off the illusion of more space! If at all possible, really make this little literary nook super cozy by adding a chair to snuggle up in. If you can make an area of your space electronic-free, you’re bound to treat it with an almost sacred respect.

  1. Use your wardrobes wisely

How you keep your clothes will determine how much space they take up. Instead of purchasing wide and short closets, maximise space by considering their height. If you purchase a closet that is tall and deep, you’ll be able to tuck all of your favourite clothes in it. Go for lighter colours if your bedroom is little – dark woods make everything seem a little dense.

  1. Hide under the bed

If you have under the bed storage space – you are truly blessed. Purchase some storage boxes that have wheels to roll on and hide away things you don’t use at the moment. Don’t only use the bedroom for bedroom bits, maximise this under bed space and store things from other rooms in the boxes too.

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