Top interior tips for a quick house sale

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Interior design can play a vital role in securing a quick house sale on the open market. Stylish online property images can entice potential buyers to book a viewing, and attractive interiors help sell a ‘lifestyle’ that tempts your buyer to make an offer. Investing in good quality interior design means your property will always be in demand, however the property market is performing.

Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses

Kitchens and bathrooms play a big role in selling your house. As the most expensive rooms to update, your buyer will be unlikely to want to redo either as soon as they move in. To make your property as desirable as possible, it’s ideal to choose high-quality, neutral colour schemes that can be easily accessorised to suit different tastes. If you’re planning to sell but your budget doesn’t stretch to a full kitchen re-fit, professional-quality cupboard paints will refresh your kitchen in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost.

Choose your furniture carefully to maximise the feeling of space

Plush, oversized sofas are a popular choice, especially for family living areas, but be aware of how small a large item of furniture can make your space feel. The same goes for large beds. If you’re keen to secure a quick sale, you might want to look at placing larger pieces of furniture in short-term storage and, if required, replacing them with more appropriate pieces from a home staging company throughout the marketing process.

Make your master bedroom a sanctuary

The ground floor of your property should be about socialising, the first floor should be about sanctuary. Accessories really are the most important factor in designing a tempting bedroom. You want to create a feeling of luxury and comfort, without the room feeling overly busy. If you’re struggling to get the right balance, boutique hotels can offer some wonderful inspiration. Clean lines, no overpowering furniture and luxurious soft furnishings are always a lust-worthy combination.

Ensure your interiors sell a lifestyle, not just a property

When would-be buyers view a house, they are looking for a lifestyle, not just a property. Have your home set up to be enjoyed at its best.

If you’re marketing your property as having a dining room or area, make sure it is set up to reflect this. Setting the table with stylish place settings will help your viewers to envisage the dinner parties and celebrations they could enjoy in the property.

The same goes for bedrooms. If you’re selling a room as a bedroom, make sure it has a bed in it! If you’re selling a large landing space as having ‘home office’ potential, ensure it is staged with a desk and chair.

Keep décor neutral, but not bland

Keeping your décor neutral and uncluttered will create a blank canvas. This will help potential buyers envisage their own possessions in the property and will also make your home feel bigger. However, this doesn’t mean your home has to be bland during the marketing process. Neutral tones can still be full of character if applied correctly. Pick one focal point for each room and use your décor to complement that feature.

It’s also important to remember that a few well-placed accessories can transform a house into a home, but use them sparingly to avoid overpowering would-be buyers.

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