Tips on Giving Your Living Room a Quick Makeover

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Are you a little bored with the way your living room looks? Is it about time for a makeover? The good news is that it doesn’t require much and what you do doesn’t have to break the bank. Some of the best ways to revamp your living room can be done in an afternoon. There are even ways you can give it a makeover in just a few minutes. If you’d like to know how to transform your space here are some quick fixes.


This is one of the simplest and easiest makeover tricks, but it’s often one of the hardest to actually do. There are going to be things in the room that just seem to belong and moving them can take a bit of getting used to. If some of the furniture is on the large side, you might need to get some help. A second opinion might also come in useful. When you’ve finished, leave the room and come back half an hour later.  It’ll feel like a completely different room.

Accentuate the Walls

Transform the room by concentrating on one wall. You’ll be able to make the whole room feel like new if you add some colour, patterns or maybe cover one wall with wallpaper. Those of you living in rented accommodation will be pleased to learn there’s removable wallpaper you can simply take down and switch out when you need another change.

Add One New Thing

Sometimes, all that’s required is to add one small thing, and your makeover needs are satisfied. Consider adding some new trinkets, a new comfy chair, a bold rug on the floor or add some new shelving. Even a complete DIY novice can throw up a new shelf, and wood screws can be purchased online, so you don’t have to worry about a trek to the shops.

Choose New Window Dressings

If your curtains or blinds are looking tired, they’re going to instantly let the room down. Replacing them can be expensive, but it’s worth the investment. Ready made options will be much cheaper, and if used in the right way they’ll make a room feel bigger and brighter.


This suggestion is probably better off at the beginning of the list because it’s really the first thing you should do. Clean the room and get rid of everything that’s no longer necessary. It might be old furniture, old decorations, magazines, books, in fact anything you don’t want in the room anymore needs to be put somewhere else, given away or sold.

Choose the Right Lighting

A room feels beautiful when it’s filled with light and you should bear this in mind when giving your living room a makeover. Open up the windows, add some different lighting, remove the curtains and replace them with something lighter, add a new lamp or include some light-coloured furnishings.

Add Some Greenery

One of the easiest ways to freshen up a room is to add flowers, plants, branches and even leaves from your garden. It’s a very inexpensive way to change the look of a room and adds texture and a natural element to a room.

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