Tips For Decorating Your Toddler’s Bedroom

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When you first have a baby, it can be very exciting to decorate their bedroom in traditional colours or a neutral colour if you aren’t sure what you are having. Of course, as time goes on and they get a little older, you might want to do some redecorating to give them the room that they want.

Here, we are going to give you some top tips for decorating your toddler’s bedroom. Keep reading to find out more.

The Décor

The first thing that you are going to need to think about when decorating your toddler’s bedroom is the overall design. Will you choose a bold colour or a neutral one? Or will you focus on their personality and what they like for the theme of the room?

The décor can be tricky, but it is the first hurdle. Think about the flooring, rugs and how you will decorate the walls. At this point, we suggest going for something that might last a little longer so that you don’t have to redecorate again so soon.

Storage Space

Kids have a lot of things whether that is toys, clothes or even books. For this reason, we suggest that you incorporate as much storage space into the design of your child’s room as possible. Think about adding some baskets, shelves and even a wardrobe or some hidden storage space. Try to get creative with this to make it a room that they enjoy spending time in. For a toddler, we suggest storage space at their level to get them involved in tidying up.

The Bed

Arguably the most important part of decorating your toddler’s room is finding the right bed. If you are moving from a cot to a bed, then you might struggle with the transition stage so think carefully about this. You can read this blog from Happy Beds to get some tips: The Signs Your Child is Ready for a Toddler Bed – And When They Aren’t.

Once you are sure that your child is ready for their own toddler bed, make sure to find one that fits the décor of the room. Remember that they will continue growing for a while, so you’ll need to find one that will last a few years at least. Go for a fun design that will be safe for them.


Our final tip for those who are planning on decorating their toddler’s bedroom is to think about personalisation. There are many ways that you can do this such as adding their name to the wall, adding their favourite TV characters or choosing their favourite theme. You could also frame some of their paintings and create their own gallery. Try to make it personalised and they will love spending time in their own room.

Make sure to take on board some of the tips that we have given you in this article to create the perfect bedroom for your toddler.

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