Tips For A Mermaid Inspired Beach Wedding

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The idea of having your wedding on the beach sounds both romantic and fun at the same time. Whether you have a destination wedding or local secret spot in mind, you will probably want to get the theme down pat to make sure you get the right kind of beachy vibes!

If you are thinking of a beachside wedding and want to invoke the irresistible, goddess-like allure of a mermaid, there are a few tips that will help make sure your wedding looks and feels like an Under The Sea dream!

A Wedding Dress Fit For Princess Ariel

Beach weddings are so much more fun than some other venues as it just feels more relaxed. This extends to your wedding dress – if you are thinking about a big, tulle, princess-style dress, it might not work for a beach wedding.

Sheath, floor-length gowns look amazing as beach wedding dresses, but if you really want to emulate the femme fatale magnetism of a mermaid, look for mermaid wedding dresses! This cut of dress is flattering on just about anyone, as it emphasizes your gorgeous, feminine curves including as your hips and bust, and slims you down by cinching in at the waist.

Best of all, they totally work for beach wedding dresses, as the figure-hugging cut of mermaid wedding dresses means there won’t be multiple layers of heavy material weighing you down all day long!

How To Dress Your Party Of Mergirls

Dressing your bridesmaids in something that will make them happy is probably one of the hardest tasks you will have when planning your wedding. If you are looking to dress your wedding party as your mergirls, we’ve got some good news for you: it’s pretty easy!

The trick here is to keep it simple – dress them in trumpet or mermaid style bridesmaid dresses to work in with your mermaid wedding dress! Try and go for a bodice style that is the same as your dress or completely different altogether. This way, the bridesmaid’s dresses will either blend in or stand out to make your mergirls feel special too. Try and stick to colors that will offset nicely with the ocean in pictures such as blues, greens, or turquoise.

The Jewels of The Sea

Accessory choices for a mermaid inspired beach wedding can be wide-ranging. You could play it safe and go for matching pearl necklace and earrings, or you could have a bit of fun and look like you’ve just raided a pirate ship!

With this style of wedding at your beach location, surprisingly, you could get away with over-the-top jewelry such as a large, gem necklace or earrings. For your clutch, a hard case style with pearl detailing will work well, or you could mix it up a little with a themed clutch!

Whatever you decided, the most important thing you need to prepare for your wedding is a little note to remind yourself to have fun on your big day!

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