Things you should consider before buying a new build

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New build homes are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the government backing a scheme to get Britain building. They are particularly popular with young families and first-time buyers as they are a great first step onto the property ladder. New builds have lower running costs, energy builds and require less work for the first few years, and many housing associations, such as Aster Group, offer great buying and shared ownership schemes. There are many considerations to make when purchasing a home, and this is no different when purchasing a new build. Here are a few of them;


Noise may not be something you notice when you are visiting a property, or could be drowned out by construction if you are on a development, however it’s important to take note of potential sound producers. After moving into your property, it could well be too late to be able to escape the sound of a busy road or local bar, so paying close attention to the small details at your viewings is key. Take a look at the roads, is it near a motorway or train track, or situated under a flight path? Being in close proximity to any of the above could be particularly noisy, so worth taking into consideration.

The Area

Certainly one of the most important considerations when buying any new home is the surrounding areas. The main point to consider about the area include local amenities such as shops and doctors’ surgeries. If there are local shops, can you walk to them? Are they open late? A local shop could come in handy when you run out of milk at the most inconvenient time.

You should also consider local schools, not just if you have children but also to get a gage of general traffic information. If there is a school close to the house it may be difficult to get in and out of your driveway or could be subject to congestion around school drop off and pick up times. In terms of looking at schools for you own children, consider how many are in the area and which may seem most suitable. Are they close enough to walk to if necessary?

If you have children or are planning a family, their safety will of course be a top priority. Take a look at the street to ensure you’re happy with the level of safety within the surroundings. The best developments for young families are often those on a Cul-de-sac as areas of this type provide children with a safe space to play out and explore.

The Developer

It is important to do your research regarding the developer you choose to go with, take a look at the different developers in your area and visit their sites to get a feel for their homes. If you can, speak to the people already living there as they will have the best information and could well end up being your neighbors.


A huge benefit of buying a new build is the option for customization. If you purchase before the larger fittings are in, then you can have a say in what goes into your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom, meaning you can design it to your tastes.


Budget is obviously a huge part of the buying process, for any home. Luckily, new builds offer some attractive schemes and deals such as shared ownership. Another way to secure a discount on a new home is to buy it off plan. This can save you some money and bag you the best plot on the development.

The Future

When buying a new build, you should be looking to the future especially if you are planning to stay a long time. If you are starting a family or adding to yours then consider a bigger house to accommodate this. Or if you are planning to eventually move a partner in, consider them in your buying process and whether the house is suitable for the both of you.


If you plan to use a lot of public transport, it is important to look into whether there are good links in the area for buses and trains. It may not seem like a big deal at first but could prove troublesome at a later date.

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