The hottest interior trends this year

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Every year, a slew of new interior design trends and styles sweep through homes as people seek to give their rooms a fresh feel.

No greater focus has been placed on our homes than in the last 12 months, with people transforming their homes in more drastic ways to accommodate the amount of time we’re spending in them. So, here are the interior design trends you should be following for 2021 as people revitalise their homes into their ideal living spaces.

Sustainable style choices

People are putting more stock into sustainable home touches – choosing fabrics and furnishings with a focus on craftsmanship and quality. Support for independent businesses has been emphasised over the last year, with people standing by small businesses and choosing to be more eco-friendly where possible – nestling smart meters to monitor energy usage next to handmade plant pots of an indoor garden and using reclaimed photo frames for independent prints.

Punchy maximalist vibrance

Bold is back in swing, with many favouring this loud expression of features and style over the more minimal approach which has been popular over the years. Contrasting colours with brave patterns creates an eclectic visual style which speaks to a person’s personal preferences. Having a few underlaying, cohesive elements will bring everything together, allowing each unique pattern to make maximum effect and draw the eye.

Making room for the office

A vast majority of us have found ourselves propped up at improvised desks or crushed into spare corners of the home in order to answer the call of home working. Making ample space for a home office that’s conducive to productivity and positivity is paramount for those who’ll be continuing to work from home well into this year – a dedicated desk space, supportive seating, good natural light and personal touches you’ll find inspiring.

Welcome home, Cottagecore

While the name is a little strange, Cottagecore has been popularised by its roots in nostalgia and country homes with quaint features. The more homely, vintage aesthetic is endearing to those who enjoy rustic pattern work and the comfier things in life. Think a secluded cottage in the Lake District with careful touches of vogue and sophistication.

An island getaway at home

As practically all of us have been unable to get away to our usual retreats overseas, many have chosen to bring that energy into the home. Tropical styles in both prints and colours schemes have provided a way of transporting us to warmer shores, with palm prints and colour schemes reminiscent of Hawaiian shirt couture being perfectly on trend here.

The checks & strips combination

Bringing these two timeless patterns together has sparked a new design trend, using complementary colour schemes which are then split between checked and stripped patterns. This works for walls, soft furnishings, and textiles throughout a space, adding a playful sense of fun without overwhelming the eye.

A meeting of minimalist styles

Although more emphasis has been put on turning the interior design dial up to the max, there is still appeal to be found in minimalism and muted palettes. The Japandi trend synthesises Scandi hygge style with Japanese Wabi-Sabi principles to create practical, cosy spaces that bring beauty in the form of simple functionality. This is the ideal for those who feel that a clutter-free home equals a cutter-free mind.

Sculptural forms for furnishings

With the traditional living room typically being devoid of intrigue, one of the more abstract trends is to ditch the conventional living room form all-together to allow for more novel furnishings. Sofa styles spun in interesting shapes work wonders when positioned next to curious ceramic decorations and light fittings which would be at home in a modern art gallery. This is a fantastic way to add a sense of drama and mystique to an otherwise everyday space.

Whatever design you decide works best for your home, many will agree that how our home looks and feels has become more of a priority. Taking on a redecoration project can help you to emerge into 2021 with a home that’s a better reflection of yourself, ready to invite friends and family in to see what changes you’ve made later on this year.

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