Swap, drop, prop and steal: how to spruce up your lounge in 2017

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Like so many people, I began this year with good intentions of making over the lounge and bringing a fresh energy into my home. All of a sudden, I’m closer to Easter than Christmas and I am no further forward.

Time might have got away from me, but I have decided that is no longer going to be an excuse. So, in preparation for potential guests during the Spring and Summer, my goal is to spruce up and freshen my dwelling. First, a strategy (well actually a coffee, then pen to paper) for how I’m going to break it down:


  1. Get sorted, swap piles of junk for aesthetically pleasing storage solutions

Once I’ve freed up some space, the aim is to keep everything more or less organised. Attractive and versatile storage baskets and boxes will not only be invaluable, but a style understatement too. I get the feeling that 2017 is going to be about very neutral, even minimalist, storage containers.

On another trend thread, I think we’ll see much more natural influence in the form of woven baskets in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.  Truncated, pear shaped soft baskets have already been seen in many a hipster’s nursery in 2016, I’m sure we’re set to see many more in 2017.

  1. Swap scuffed walls for serene clean interiors

In some areas, a quick touch up or wipe down will do. On other walls a rejig of wall art or the addition of a new print will help to freshen the space. I’ve spotted some stunning botanical prints, one in particular of a Pilea plant, that would work really well simply being hung by a bulldog clip on the wall.

It’s all about being casual and dressed down in 2017 so I’m not going to bother with mounts and expensive frames. Without being too matchy-matchy, I imagine them teamed with a plethora of flora and fauna of the potted or cut variety on shelves, mantelpieces and sideboard tops.


  1. Charity shop drop

My partner has set a policy in our house, ‘one in one out’ which is not to be confused with a nightclub door policy. This would be easy if I hadn’t attached sentimental value to everything, including a very worn beach towel that reminded me of a family holiday to the south of France in the 1990s.  But I have toughened up and realised my daft ways. Now I look for things to donate or recycle whenever I can, it’s become a new obsession. I have also been brutal and composted some very sad pot plants that I neglected…all in the name of making room. Space is the finest luxury of all.

Sometimes it takes a set of fresh eyes to spot things that don’t work in the home. You could either ask a brutally honest friend or try and retrain your own eyes. Walk into each room and imagine it through the eyes of stranger. Do the cushions work together? Are there any aspects that stick out like a sore thumb? Maybe it is time to move an item to another room or get rid of it via gumtree or charity shops. I try and avoid the bin as I have landfill angst.


  1. Green for calm

I’m all about plants and am a firm believer that being surrounded by green creates a calming and positive environment. Now the poinsettia and pine tree have died off, I’m looking for ferns, palms, succulents, and cacti to fill my collections of artisan hand thrown plant hangers and mid-century colourful glaze splattered finds.

I’ve also really wanted to create a terrarium, a perfect wholesome hobby and way to update the lounge. I also envisage sculptural stems in oversized vintage glass bottles, carboys and demi johns. Greenery in every room. But as my fingers aren’t so green I’m mixing my long-suffering cacti collection with some convincing artificial alternatives, including some incredible tall faux cacti that are very Palm Springs.

  1. Let there be light

Back to my thread about taking ownership. I want to be cleverer with lighting to highlight new plants and print displays rather than untidy corners of old stacked magazines that I can’t part with.

Apparently, we are all curators now so perhaps I can be the lighting director as well.  I’m giving myself a promotion or at least I’m off to buy a new angle poise!


  1. Happy home

My final thoughts are very much to do with a holistic state of mind (yeah man!).  I’m going to steal from Buddhist philosophies and ‘feel Zen’ at home.

I believe creating a beautiful home has strong links with feeling happy.  When my home is in a mess I find it hard to relax. On the other hand, too much cleaning and organization can be such a bore when I just want to enjoy my home.

Living simply and enjoying the moment rather than always being fixated on end results and goals that western culture seems to be so focused on…well that’s my ‘goal’ I mean ethos for living now in 2017.

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