Spring/Summer Interior Trends For 2022

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As we get ready to wave goodbye to 2021 and settle into winter, we can look towards sunnier times and get ready to say hello to the new spring/summer interior trends of 2022. Our homes help to reflect our personalities and become a place of refuge and sanctuary, so comfort and cosiness are paramount.

Especially as our homes are doubling up as offices, zoning, and being organised are high on the list of design considerations – and we all want a picture-perfect background for our Zoom or Skype video calls. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the top interiors trends for Spring/Summer 2022 and how you can bring the above values and sentiments to life.


Ever popular on social media, Cottagecore nods towards the traditional English countryside style and explores romantic and nostalgic themes. It has also been dubbed as ‘Grandma’ or ‘Granny Chic,’ as it boasts ideological interpretations of rural life and simpler times, using colours, patterns, and details your Grandma might have had or still has. Practitioners of the Cottagecore genre explain it as a way to escape our modern lives and romanticise seemingly mundane activities which usually allows people to take a pause such as:

  • Tending the garden.
  • Drinking a hot cup of tea/coffee.
  • Foraging mushrooms in the forest.

Key aesthetic components of Cottagecore are bringing natural elements indoors as decorative elements, such as dried flowers, fresh flowers, houseplants, etc., and a natural colour palette with neutrals and warm tones. You could incorporate aspects of Cottagecore into your spring/summer interior design goals for 2022 with traditional-shaped earth-toned velvet sofas, a timeless armchair, or full-length curtains hung from wooden poles, which will add to the overall style. Modern pieces such as side tables, large footstool, round mirror, and statement lighting will help to keep it current while still maintaining that nostalgic and comforting style.


Now that we live amongst a much more environmentally conscious population, we have been slowly switching to environmentally friendly alternatives in the home, from cleaning products to furniture and décor. One retro product growing in popularity is cork, which is highly versatile and can be used just about anywhere in your home. Some common usages are on the floor and walls or fashion accessories as it can be sculpted and coloured. Not only will it look good for years to come, but it also has sound-proofing properties. Similarly, vintage or revamped charity shop styling has also grown hugely in popularity. More people purchase older pieces than new ones with history like antique chairs, artwork, and colourful cushions with a 50’s vibe.

Adding a Touch of Luxe               

After surviving the gloominess of autumnal weather, we need to cheer ourselves up, and sometimes a bit of luxury is the perfect solution. Luxe interiors are perfect for that very reason, as it’s something that makes you smile and can help you and your home feel special. Often categorised as furniture and accessories that exude sophistication, elegance, and style, Luxe can be worked into many different style decors and complements gold, brass, and marble finishes. Although the name ‘Luxe’ hints at luxury, you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount to achieve this style.

You could do so simply by changing your cushions, adding a new mirror with a simple, minimalistic, or mirrored frame, investing in some sleek, modern remote control blinds, or purchasing some small accessories. All of which are great ways to give your home a bit of shimmer and shine. If the idea of electric blinds appeals to you, take a look at the range of products that Newblinds offer. They cater to a wide range of tastes and even offer products compatible with smart home devices you may already have, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Add Boho Elements

When it comes to Spring/Summer interior design trends, adding natural elements is timeless and easy to incorporate into your home season to season. Often linked to Cottagecore or Boho interior design trends, incorporating greenery and succulents into your decor can be life-changing and also fulfilling as there’s something so incredibly enriching about the experience of helping a plant grow.

As well as helping to purify the air around you, house plants have also proven to bolster people’s moods as it’s believed that seeing greenery and nature help us feel relaxed and calm, which in turn improves our mood. We recommend purchasing the real thing unless you feel as though you don’t have time to care for natural plants, in which case, it might be wise if you opt for faux plants instead. The best thing about plants is that you can easily swap them out according to the season, and with fake plants looking more real by the day, they’re a no-brainer. What’s better than being a plant parent, anyway?

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