Moving house, removing the stress

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Apparently, moving house is one of the top causes of stress in adulthood. If you wrote everything down you need to do in order to relocate, you’d be able to see why. It is not a simple task. Far from it. Continue reading for our top tips to make your house move a smooth one.

Organise your mortgage

Having a mortgage offer in principle is important before falling in love with a house. Imagine the horror of finding your dream home, but having nowhere near enough money to be able to afford it. Visit for mortgage comparison options to ensure you get the best possible deal for you.

Find your ideal home

The word ‘ideal’ is used with caution. The home that is right for you might not look that way just yet, but consider its potential. Write a list of things that you are unprepared to negotiate on and head to the estate agencies in the local area. Once you’ve got some details on paper, visit plenty of properties, accompanied by an estate agent, and the neighbourhoods, both during the day and at night. You may well find a five-bedroomed, immaculate, detached house, which would require zero work, but discover the area is rather unsavoury once the sun goes down. Research is key to finding somewhere that will work for you.

Organise your move

Be sure to pack your belongings well. Clearly label boxes with the room they need to go into and make sure that the kettle, tea bags, coffee, sugar, mugs and spoons are all easily accessible. Consider buying some long life milk too. There will be enough stress on moving day for all involved without adding further worries about not being able to make a brew.

Find a trusted removals company well in advance of having a moving date. Once you have a fixed date, finalise that with them too. Advise your employer that you will be needing the day to move. Some offer a day’s paid leave, so check with them about that too. If the move is a big one, then why not speak to close friends and family to see if they are able to lend a hand? Parents and pet owners have added worries. Ensuring there is someone to keep an eye on children as well as furry friends is vital.

Consider whom you need to inform about moving. For example, your current utility providers, banks, building societies, as well as family and friends. You’ll also need to make sure that you will have utilities in your new place, so get in touch with them too.

Accept imperfection

It is very rare to move straight into a home, unless it’s a new build, and for it to look exactly as you’d envisaged. You need to remember that what’s perfect to you will not happen instantly. If you have to put up with leopard print wallpaper in your master bedroom or hideous brown tiles in the bathroom for a few months, try not to worry. Eventually, you will make it into the home of your dreams.

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