Luxury Vinyl Tiles

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When you think vinyl flooring most of us relate to rolls of spongy material going back to the 80’s this is no longer the norm.  You can now get vinyl floors in tiles and planks like laminate flooring often described as Luxury Vinyl Tiles or LVT.

Vinyl Flooring has dramatically evolved over the past decade with innovative design and manufacturing making it one of the most durable, water resistant, scratch proof options with exciting new colours and the most realistic wood and stone effects on the market on close inspection.

The range of vinyl flooring which you can select is incredible but how do you make the decision on choosing the right one for each room of your home?

You can have a wood effect for a vintage or a minimalistic look or stone effect like marble.

Let’s take a look at the types of flooring that work best in each room of the house.


The kitchen is usually one of the busiest rooms in the house and with such heavy footfall, it is important that you select a strong, hard wearing and beautiful looking floor. As well as the heavy traffic which the kitchen sees, you will also find this to be one floor in the house, that doesn’t take too long to get dirty with food and grime. For these reasons it is important to pick a floor which is durable and easy to clean, whilst maintaining its level of luxury. With all of this in mind the best choice for the kitchen would be porcelain tiles. These tiles work great in the kitchen and the range of colors available is perfect for any style of kitchen.


There will be no fears about fading wood flooring or heavy footfall in the bathroom, instead there is the risk of the damage that the water which is prevalent in this room will create. Splashing baths, dripping bodies and humidity are all threats to the flooring in the bathroom. The best option therefore in the bathroom, is to lay down some vinyl flooring, perfect for this type of environment. Vinyl flooring is incredibly flexible in terms of its design and you can have a wood-look, an ocean floor colour or any other design which fits into the style of your bathroom. Vinyl is easy to install and can still offer the luxury that you are looking for.


The choice of flooring in the bedroom should be taken with style in mind as the benefits of a durable or hard-wearing choice, isn’t really necessary in this area of the house. Wood flooring is a perfect option for this type of room as you can use the colours like slate, cherry-blossom or dark woods, to really complement the design in the rest of the bedroom. Wood flooring is very easy to clean and insulates the room very well.

Living Rooms

The best choice in terms of laying flooring in your living room is wooden flooring, varied in its design and styles so that it can fit any living room, and durable enough to cope with the volume of people and activities which take place in the living room. Try to pick a colour which is different from the other woods in the room, consider the floor like a centerpiece and whilst it should match up with touches in the living room, make sure that it is the dominant colour throughout and that it beautifully juxtaposes with your walls. 

Hallways and Stairs

Engineered wood flooring is a great look for your hallways and stairs and you can use this hard wearing and luxurious looking wood to make a real statement when people enter your home. Because of the way that engineered wood is designed, there is no shrinking or swelling as the temperature changes and most importantly, the biggest benefit of this style of wood flooring is that it has incredible longevity.

When selecting the colour of your floors, make sure that you get really creative in order to get the luxury feel that you are after. Allow the flooring to compliment the room design and become a centerpiece in its own right.

What kind of flooring do you prefer to use throughout the home? We’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section below.

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