Is It Safe to Renovate While Pregnant?

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It’s pretty common among many couples to renovate their home before their firstborn arrives. After all, it’s only natural that you want to make your house look good now, as later you may not have time for that. Your desire to fix up the house immediately can be very strong, especially if you’re pregnant and want to change everything. After all, laying all day on modern beds and sofas is not the most exciting way to spend your days.

However, keep in mind that renovation can be a very complicated and unsafe process. If you’re doing it yourself, you’re exposed to many dangers that can negatively impact your baby’s health. Dust, mould, and toxins in the solvents are a health hazard for everyone, but especially for children. Of course, you can always minimise your exposure to them if you visit Kitchen Tune-Up and work with the professionals there, but if you live in the home you’re renovating, the risk still exists.

Check this article to find out how safe it is to renovate if you’re pregnant, and learn what you can do when a renovation is necessary.

Pregnancy and Renovations

The most important thing you should know is that your future baby is very sensitive to everything around him, including the air you breathe. That’s why if you’re pregnant, it’s better to be cautious and avoid any possible health risks.

Dust itself isn’t a big concern for pregnant women, but the mould, mildew, and other bacteria may cause allergic reactions. These are especially dangerous for your baby. Not only that, they can reduce your immunity and make you sick during pregnancy.

Toxin Risk During Renovation

Another thing to consider is the use of solvent-based paints. They are highly toxic, and their fumes are dangerous for everyone. You should always wear protective gear when using them, so you don’t breathe them in. The fumes can really make you feel sick. If you decide to work with these paints, make sure you’re absolutely isolated from the rest of the family until you wash up thoroughly.

The use of power tools and chainsaws is also very dangerous for pregnant women. Chainsaws can create a lot of dust, but they’re also very loud. That’s why you should wear earplugs when someone nearby is working with them. Power tools (especially those that are battery-operated) can be a problem since they produce a lot of heat. If you get too close to them, you risk getting burned. At the same time, the heat may damage your baby. So it’s best to stay away from power tools if you’re pregnant.

If you can’t avoid working with these above hazards, just minimise your exposure to them. Wear a protective mask, use a wet cloth to clean up the dust, and so on.

Pregnancy During Renovation: Safety Precautions

You should always consult your doctor if you’re planning to renovate your home. Your doctor will know whether you should stop working because of your pregnancy or not. He may tell you that you need to stop when you feel sick, especially if you have morning sickness or you’ve already had some complications in the past. He will also recommend to you some other things to do so you’re safe when renovating.

If you feel sick, have nausea or vomiting, tell your doctor about it. As long as there are no complications in your pregnancy, you can continue working on the house during your first trimester. However, you can feel exhausted very quickly, so try not to overdo it. If your body is telling you that enough is enough – listen to it. Take breaks as often as possible, and don’t rush into something if it makes you feel worse.

You should avoid the following activities:

  • Working with toxic paints or solvents;
  • Working with power tools or chainsaws;
  • Working in dusty places like basements;
  • Working on top of ladders and scaffolds;
  • Working in hot places where the temperature is above 80 F (26 C);
  • Lying on the floor and lifting heavy objects;
  • Bending over for long periods of time;
  • Walking up and down stairs repeatedly (more than three times per day);
  • Exerting yourself physically;
  • Exposing yourself to extreme cold or heat.

Doing all these activities can cause severe complications for the baby and may even lead to miscarriage. But if there are no other options, it’s better to be cautious and do everything carefully. You can always ask someone to help you when lifting heavy objects, for example. Or ask someone else to go up and down the stairs instead of you.

At the end of pregnancy, you should avoid any strenuous work like operating power tools and even using household equipment like vacuum cleaners or washing machines. In fact, you should just let someone else do the job. We know you are fierce, but it is not only your life that is at stake, so keep that in mind.

Final Thoughts

As a rule of thumb, you should always avoid excessive work during the pregnancy, especially in the last trimester. That is why it may not be the best idea to renovate your home during pregnancy. However, if you just really need to do it, make sure you follow some safety precautions.

First and foremost, consult your doctor before you start your renovations. Once your physician tells you that you are good to go, you can start. Still, make sure you only engage in minor repairs, like painting. Let your partner, friends, and family do the heavy lifting.

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