How to style your little one’s nursery

Whether it’s a boy, a girl or a surprise, ahead of a new baby’s arrival one of the most exciting projects is designing and decorating their nursery. Here Lea Lange, Co-Founder of JUNIQE – the first lifestyle brand for curated and affordable wall art, home accessories, fashion and stationery – gives her top tips on how to style and inject individuality into your little one’s nursery. 

  • First of all, remember when decorating your baby’s room you are decorating a child’s room, not your own. I recommend having fun with it and turning their room into a magical, whimsical retreat which will grow with them and inspire their imagination for years to come.
  • When designing a nursery I recommend opting for a colour palette of neutral tones as a base. Add colour through accessories such as artwork, cushion, lampshades and mobiles to express personality.
  • Chose simple, durable and multifunctional furniture that won’t date when it comes to style. This means you won’t have to regularly replace the furniture as your little one gets older.
  • Inject individuality, creativity and fun through artwork. At JUNIQE we have a whole nursery section to inspire you. Whether you have a traditional or modern style, prefer cute animal designs or motivational quotes, or are simply looking for some inspiration, you’ll be able to find something you love. Mix and match your favourite prints with family photographs and maybe even a framed page from your favourite childhood picture book so the nursery is unique to your family. You could also display cute baby outfits as artwork by buying some colourful wooden pegs and hanging up your most loved baby grows.
  • When your baby is small you will spend a lot of time feeding, so create a cosy nook where you can sit and relax while doing so. Comfort is paramount, so choose an armchair with a matching ottoman so you can put your feet up. Ensure you have a floor lamp with a dimmer so you can keep the lighting soft throughout night feeds. If you want to add a splash of style, add a couple of sweet cushions which can also double up as back support.
  • Having lots of storage is key in a nursery. Your baby’s toys probably won’t be in keeping with your usual style, so invest in some stylish baskets which will hide the amount of visible clutter

Lea’s picks of her favourite nursery designs, available on

Wall art


From left to right: Circus poster in wooden frame from £37.90, Cutecumber premium poster by Sophie Corrigan £9.90, Opposites attract poster in wooden frame by DinoMike from £37.90,  The Food Alphabet canvas print by Blaek Design Studio £24.90



From left to right: Print 65 cushion and cushion cover by Lila X Lola from £19.90,  Penguin Bouqet cushion by Jay Fleck from £19.90, Love on the open seas cushion by DinoMike £19.90, Lion cushion cover by Charlotte Winter £24.90

Baby grows & baby jumpsuits

From left to right: Panda 2 baby jumpsuit by Anna-Maren Zehnter £16.90, Dinos baby grow by Sophie Corrigan £16.90, Delight baby jumpsuit by JUNIQE £16.90, Time to celebrate baby grow by Andy Westface £16.90, Dream it do it baby jumpsuit by Andy Westface £16.90

Fleece blankets


From left to right: Being lazy fleece blanket by Andy Westface £49.90, Tiny bears pattern fleece blanket by Sophie Corrigan £49.90, Skaters fleece blanket by Ashley Percival £49.40, Foxes fleece blanket by Richard Hood £49.90

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