How to Modernize Your Bedroom

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When you woke up this morning, did you take a look around your bedroom and think, “This space isn’t appealing to me anymore and not as fully functional as I wished?” Okay, maybe these words aren’t the exact phrasing you used. Still, are you happy with the state of your bedroom these days? If your answer to that last question was no then it may be time to update your boudoir.

But how? Well, we are here to tell you….


Being a minimalist is all the rage now, which is a lifestyle that involves less possessions and more free space in your home and your life. Breaking into the minimalist lifestyle may sound simple, but it requires a good deal of letting go. That dress in the back of the closet you no longer fit into, the sweaters you know are out of date, or all the perfume samples on the top of the dresser are all examples of items you need to purge.

Get rid of it

It’s that simple, or at least it seems simple. The reality is, we become very attached to things and letting them go is not simple at all. Why do you think people become hoarders? Because they become emotionally attached to all of these items that even the idea of throwing things away makes them anxious.

Our suggestion is to start slow. The closet can be where you begin. Grab a box or large garbage bag and look at each piece. When was the last time you wore it? If it has been longer than a year put it in the bag and continue with each. Used clothing is always welcomed at the Goodwill, Salvation Army, or other local organizations that help the needy.

Out of the closet

This practice of purging does not only apply to the closet. You should be looking at all your items. Your books, your knick knacks, your drawers, and your chests. Try to get rid of half of everything or, if that’s too much for you, go with one quarter of the possessions in your bedroom. Your space will feel lighter and more modern.

Bed frame

A nice modernised look would be to eliminate the fluffy skirt and leave the bottom of your frame visible. Platform beds with a nice memory foam mattress, like the Americana, work the best so if you are looking to do a full makeover of the room consider this option. There is something about a bed frame that leaves its underside vulnerable that screams modern appeal. And it will force you not to store anything under your bed and help you maintain that minimalist/modern look.

Let the sunshine in

When we think of modern bedrooms we picture shades that let a lot of sun into the room while light airy draperies blow in the breeze of an open window. Some of us love a dark bedroom when we sleep, but keeping it dark when you aren’t using it transforms the bedroom into a dungeon. There are great window coverings that will let the sun in as well as keep it out when you need.

Don’t forget the bathroom

If you are one of the lucky folks out there who has a bathroom and shower attached to their bedroom then it is important to keep with the modern theme. We suggest sticking to the plan and start clearing out the items you no longer need like the hand towel that has a hole in it or that empty tube of moisturiser.


Another way to modernise your bedroom would be to fill it up with modern conveniences. It won’t be cheap but if money isn’t a problem for you and you are the kind of person who loves to be the first to own the new iPhone and any other device that is introduced into the market then check these out.

Bluetooth light bulb

This light bulb can be dimmed, turned on or off right from your smartphone. They come in an array of styles and are made from plenty of manufacturers from which to choose including Sylvania and Phillips.

Snore eliminating pillow

These brilliant devices called anti-snoring pillow will monitor your breathing and change shape while you sleep to stop your snoring. There are several brands available including the Nitetronic goodnite Anti-Snoring Pillow and the Sharper Image Pillow. Get one of these if you snore and the person who sleeps next to you will be appreciative as well.

Portable fireplace

This modern convenience is one of our favourites because it is multifunctional and doesn’t have to be secluded to the bedroom. These lovely fireplaces, that come in many different shapes and styles to match your decor, are a great way to modernise your bedroom and add a little bit of coziness as well.

We are confident that with our suggestions above and bedding that has a contemporary design you will be able to modernise your bedroom in no time.

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