How to Make Your Minimalist Home the Best It Can Be

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Inspired by Scandinavian designers, minimalism has been a hugely popular choice for interior design projects for quite a few years now. However, a minimalist home could look appealing to you when you are first thinking about décor styles and then get boring pretty quickly. Here are some tips for making your minimalist home look as good as it possibly can and to make sure that you don’t get bored of it.

Use pops of colour

Most minimalist projects, especially those inspired by Scandinavian interior design, rely heavily on muted tones such as shades of grey, beige and brown. When other colours are present, it is mostly in their pastel shades as opposed to brighter ones. However, decorating your entire home solely in muted colours will quickly get boring, as there will be nowhere exciting for your eyes to be drawn to as you enter each room.

The answer to this problem is to choose muted colours, if you like them, for your main decoration items, such as walls and carpets, and then add splashes of colour through rugs, pictures and smaller items of furniture. Bar stool design trends, for instance, have been moving away from a purely minimalist look and embracing a variety of colours and shapes either through the frame of the stool itself or through upholstered seats. Adding colourful accent pieces to your minimalist home is a great way to give it some variety.

Buy some house plants

A hugely loved item in recent years, house plants are another great way to add variety to your minimalist home and make it look more … well … homely. Choose flowering house plants to give your home a different look throughout the year, making sure to select plants that flower at different times of the year. When cared for properly, some plants, such as the popular anthurium, can even bloom all year round!

Hang artwork up on the walls

Having a single piece of art on an otherwise bare wall is a great way to provide a room with a focal point – and a talking point, too, whenever you have guests over! Don’t worry if you can’t afford to splash out on a masterpiece; many lesser-known artists will produce more affordable works, and you can always opt for a high-quality print instead of a painting. As well as paintings, you can use photographs and even sculptures; contrary to what you might think, there are some extremely affordable sculptures out there for you to discover.

Don’t be afraid to change things up

Finally, you should be aware that tastes change and that humans are primed to become accustomed to their surroundings very easily. If you get bored with your home, change things up! You don’t have to start from scratch; try buying one or two new accent pieces or pictures or painting the walls a different colour. Even a few small changes will go a long way when it comes to giving your home a fresh look.

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