How To Make The Most Of Your Garden In Winter

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Usually, whenever winter comes around, people stay inside as much as possible. They don’t typically enjoy dealing with the cold, so they only leave the house whenever it’s absolutely necessary. That, combined with the fact that less stuff grows during this season, means that gardens tend to get overlooked until the spring.

However, it seems a shame that we should ignore such a big part of our homes for three months of the year. That’s why we’ve put together suggestions for how to make the most of your garden in winter. With these seven ideas in mind, you might find that your garden is the perfect place to be during this chilly season.

Plant Winter Flowers

Spring and summer may be the seasons where most flowers grow, but that doesn’t mean that plants are non-existent for the rest of the year. There are plenty of flowers that come to life in the winter which look just as beautiful in your garden as all the roses in the world.

Pansies and snowdrops are just two of the best winter flowers which can add some much-needed colour to your garden. If you don’t feel like spending loads of time outside planting these new purchases, you can always just put them in terracotta pots instead. That way, you can sort them out indoors, and then move them around however you want in the garden. This could be useful if you’re not sure the best way to decorate your outside space and want some freedom to rearrange things before making a decision.

Get Outdoor Heating

What do you do when you get cold indoors? Turn the heating on, probably. So, why can’t you do the same when it gets cold outdoors?

There are plenty of great heating options available that are designed to keep you warm outside, no matter what time of year it is. You could go for the standard heater which can look quite stylish and provides more warmth than you might expect. Alternatively, you could get a fire pit which is ideal to sit around when you have loved ones over.

Whatever choice you go for, outdoor heating is an excellent way to make your garden accessible in the colder months. Now, you can enjoy the fresh air or watch the stars at night no matter what time of year it is.

Have A Barbecue

People tend to think that summer is the only season where barbecues are acceptable. However, what’s really stopping you from enjoying one in winter? Sure, the weather might not always be ideal at this time of year. However, if it’s a dry day, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a barbecue with loved ones, even if it is cold outside.

You can either invest in a barbecue hut or, if you’d rather go for something more affordable, just use whatever you usually do in the summer. Once things get started, the heat from the grill should keep you from freezing over while you’re cooking.

If you have a fire pit for your home, you can also use this instead. Depending on the situation, it might be nicer to have everyone sitting around the fire watching the food cook and eating it once it’s ready. You may as well make it a social activity if the opportunity’s there.

Buy A Shed

If you don’t already have a shed in your garden, it might be worth investing in one. Not only will this add some decoration to the outside of your home, but it will also provide a handy storage solution. If you’ve no space in the house to stash some of your belongings, you can always put them in the shed instead.

Alternatively, if you want somewhere to work that’s more private, you can use it as an outdoor office. You needn’t worry about it getting too cold in there, because there are plenty of safe ways to keep things heated so you can get things done in peace.

Whatever you want it for, you can find an incredible selection of sheds from Shedstore. Their products are made using a variety of materials and serve different purposes, so whether you want a metal storage unit or wooden office, their affordable range has you covered. Once you’ve picked the perfect shed, it’s there to use throughout the year, making it a very worthwhile investment.

Attract The Birds

The cold weather in winter can sometimes make your garden look a little dreary, even if you do plant some flowers out there. You can easily liven things up, though, if you put out some decorations to attract the birds.

A birdhouse and/or a water bath are great for this. Not only do they give the wildlife somewhere to go, but they also look nice in the garden. Of course, these alone won’t be enough to keep the birds flocking to your home. You’ll also need some feeders so that the robins, blue tits, and other feathered friends can come to you when they’re hungry.

Before long, these decorations will turn your garden into a miniature wildlife sanctuary. You’ll be amazed at how fun and relaxing it can be to just sit and watch through the window as these birds come and go.

Look After Other Wildlife

If you’re interested in attracting more than just birds to your garden in the winter, there are other things you can do to cater to the local wildlife.

Hedgehogs sometimes struggle in the frosty winter conditions, and they can come into gardens in desperate need of food and hydration. You can leave out a dish of water, and some meat-based dog or cat food – if you have any – to help them out.

It’s also suggested that you don’t cut your grass until spring, and maybe pile up rocks and wood somewhere too. This way, insects and butterflies have safe spaces to shelter until things start to warm up again.

If you want your garden to be a haven for other living things, these tips should help with that.

Invest In Outdoor Lighting

Winter is home to the shortest day of the year, where the sun goes down before the afternoon is even over. All that darkness can be a bit depressing, and it means that you only have a limited period of time to enjoy your garden every day. That is unless you invest in some outdoor lighting, of course.

What kind of lights will look best depends on what your garden looks like. If you have trees out there, you might be able to drape some fairy lights in them. If not, lanterns are always good to hang on fence hooks or put on the ground along the patio. You don’t want too many of them, otherwise things might be a little too bright outside. Just get enough so you can see what’s out there and still enjoy your garden, even if you spend all your time indoors.

It might be cold outside, but your garden can be just as enjoyable now as it is in the summer. All you have to do is follow these suggestions to cater to the season, and you can keep making the most of your outdoor space.

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