How to make a rented house feel like home

Renting can often be pretty frustrating; all that money on rent that you’ll never see again, the who landlord takes weeks to fix any issues and most of all, the house just doesn’t feel like home. In most cases, you can’t paint the walls, you can’t install new flooring and you might not even be able to wall mount prints and mirrors.

If you know you’ll be living in a property for the foreseeable future, you want it to feel like your own. So, what are the best ways to do this with the limitations of renting? We run through some handy hacks together with CIA Landlord Insurance on making a house a home…

Statement lighting

Lighting is so important when setting a mood and atmosphere within a room. Creating a warm and welcoming feel will instantly make a rental feel more like home. Spotlights, table lamps and floor lamps are all super important for this. But don’t keep it simple – have fun with your lighting and make a statement with quirky lamp bases, interesting shapes and exposed filament bulbs. If you’re after that low, evening glow to help you wind down and relax on an evening, go for lower wattage bulbs in your lamps.

Green living

Plants and flowers breath life into any space. They work particularly well in kitchens and bathrooms. You don’t need green fingers to keep many plants alive either as there’s so many low maintenance options such as fiddle leaf figs, spider plants and of course, cacti and succulents. Have fun with your pots and vases to add a little extra something to your rental. Try colour clashing with vibrant shades and contrasting taller pots with shorter, round ones.

Modular storage

Investing in modular storage ticks many a box when it comes to solving rental interior issues. Firstly, it breaks up empty wall space and adds height, which instantly pulls a room together. It’s also somewhere to store your clutter which will keep your space clear and organised and best of all, it’s somewhere to display your wares. If you can’t put things up on the walls, prop your photos and prints up on the shelving within the unit. Photos and prints are key to personalising a space and making it your own so invest in some quirky frames of different sizes and get a gallery going.

Rugs, throws and cushions

If you take one tip, let it be this one. Rugs, throws and cushions should be your first port of call when trying to make a rental feel more like home. Incorporate your favourite colours and fluffy textures to the bed, sofa and flooring to bring your vibe to the forefront of each room. Not only will these insulating fabrics hide a multitude of sins whilst also looking great, they’ll keep you warm and cosy and help you to save on your heating bills.

Swap out fixtures and fittings

There shouldn’t be any problem with replacing fixtures and fittings such as door and kitchen cabinet handles to put your own spin on the interior, so long as you keep them safe and replace them before you move out. You’ll be surprised by how a small detail like this can really update a room. Go for gold or copper to elevate a room and to give it a touch of luxe.

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