How to Get More Privacy At Your Home

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In a world where it is easier than ever for anybody to access all the information they want, right at their fingertips, protecting our privacy is becoming increasingly difficult. But while staying private might be getting harder in the digital world, the one place where you do expect to enjoy privacy is in your own home. However, depending on where you live, there might be certain areas of your living space or outdoor space that are too exposed to intrusive neighbours. The good news is that there are several simple things that you can do to eliminate these issues and make sure that you get the level of privacy and peace of mind that you deserve at home.


Your garden is usually the most exposed area of your home. In some cases, you might not mind having your neighbours be able to see what you are up to when you are gardening or sunbathing outdoors in the summer, but for most people, a lack of substantial fencing is less than ideal. Along with protecting your privacy, fencing can also make your home more secure and improve the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space.

There are various options to choose from when it comes to fencing materials, but composite fencing panels are a fantastic option for privacy, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Slatted fence panels from Ecoscape UK are also environmentally friendly since they are made from a combination of hardwood sawdust and recycled plastic, making them 95% recycled materials and one of the more sustainable choices out there. When it comes to maintenance, composite fencing materials are the ideal choice. Unlike wood, they are not prone to rot or mould and are naturally insect-repellent.

Window Coverings:

The first thing that you should invest in when it comes to protecting your privacy at home is window coverings. The right blinds can make a huge amount of difference to your privacy and how cosy the home feels overall. Roller blinds are an affordable option that are easy to install and available for almost any size and shape of window. Along with protecting your privacy at home, they also do a great job of blocking out the sunlight and keeping the temperature right in your home. If you struggle to sleep at night, blackout roller blinds will help to eliminate any light coming in through the window and help you easily relax.

Plants and Bushes:

Another option that you may want to consider for adding more privacy around the outside of your home is plants and bushes. This option is especially suitable for anybody who enjoys gardening and working on their outdoor space. Plant some trees or bushes that you know are going to grow particularly high and enjoy the shade and privacy that they will add to your home. If you want to add some more security to your property and deter burglars, adding some thicker bushes that contain thorns can work well. Not only will this put any criminals off from trying to break into your home through your garden, but it can also deter animals from coming and using your lawn as a toilet.

Privacy Glass:

In some rooms of the house, you might find it difficult to add a blind or curtain, such as the window in your front door or in the bathroom or utility room. To add extra privacy while still ensuring that it is convenient for you, privacy glass is an ideal addition. Privacy glass comes in a range of patterns or frostings, allowing you to have a window that lets the light through as normal, but unlike standard single or double glazing, it cannot be seen through.

Privacy glass is most often used for bathroom windows, but you can use it to add additional privacy to almost any room in your home. For a cheaper alternative to replacing your window panes with privacy glass, you may want to consider privacy vinyl films, which can simply be stuck onto the window to create the appearance of privacy glass and stop people from the outside from being able to see in.

Build an Enclosed Patio:

If you want a space to relax outdoors that provides you with somewhere to shelter from the elements and additional privacy compared to sitting in your garden, an enclosed patio is a good idea. An ordinary patio is usually left bare and does not have fences installed, which often means that they are not as private as some may like. An enclosed patio has many benefits – building an area with fencing and a roof not only gives you somewhere private to relax, but also allows you to take advantage of your outdoor space for longer throughout the year by offering protection from the elements. In addition, there is no need to worry about leaving your garden furniture outdoors in the winter since it will be protected.

CCTV Doorbell:

While it might not stop people from being able to see inside your home without window coverings or a fence, a CCTV doorbell can be a great option for improving your privacy and security at home by allowing you to see who is outside without the need to open the door. They are an ideal option for vulnerable people such as the elderly since it allows you to see who is knocking on the door and even speak to them through the doorbell, without leaving the safety of your home.

Garden Trellis:

Another great idea for more privacy in your outdoor space is to build a garden trellis. A trellis is a structure made from wood, wrought iron, and wire, and has a horizontal and vertical criss-cross build that allows plants to easily grow. The plants that are grown in a trellis grow upwards, making it an ideal choice of privacy screen for dividing gardens, shielding your patio area, and more.

Your home is the one place where you expect privacy to be a given. However, windows that can be seen through and open gardens do not often offer a lot of privacy. If you’d like more privacy at your home, consider the above.

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